Healthy is a subjective term.

Got an sms from John from Kalispell today, he’s on midterm break so went on safari. [sarcasm] I’m sure that will suck. [/sarcasm] Seriously, John, have a great time, and be careful of the hippos, i hear they’re really mean. I, meanwhile, am sitting in front of a poor-quality crt monitor wasting my mid 20s pretending to care about windoze printing issues…

Still no one interested in buying the Maxima from me. Starting to get frustrating… i hate getting all emotionally and mentally prepared for things and then having to wait for them to happen. Guess i need to stop anticipating things i cannot control… What? There are things i cannot control? I never said that was okay!

It’s monday, so hopefully there’s a new Strong Bad Email today. And i’m on my first day of a resolution to eat better (gonna be broke anyway, might as well file bankruptcy with a full stomach) and i’m already feeling the benefits of a healthy diet… more energy, better mood, increased typing accuracy. It’s just a win-win! 😉

At least i can be thankful that i don’t have a pair of forceps lodged in my abdomen like this poor woman in Bangkok, that were left there by surgeons in 1997… and have been there ever since. If micro$oft ran the medical community, that’s the kind of stuff you could expect… 😉

Mountain Dew and a heat wave

Eek! I always knew mountain dew probably wasn’t the best choice, nutritionally – i mean, sugar, caffeine and carbonation aren’t exactly direct substitutes for vegetables, protein and fiber… but apparently m-dew code red poisons you and dyes your fat cells from the inside out… creepy! 😮 I’m gonna stick with the traditional day-glo green ‘healthy’ kind from now on…

I need to stop doing things that i feel compelled to take pictures of, cause then i wouldn’t have to spend so much time indoors all summer in front of a computer trying to post said photos for yourselves. I’m still working on the air show gallery – Gabe’s helping me caption them so i don’t blaspheme some integral part of aviation history or something – and now i have another weekend’s worth to get done! Geez!

So, despite the overwhelming pressure to post pix, i had a very enjoyable weekend. Went to the NHRA nationals (those are drag races… pro stock, alcohol and top fuel cars… ) on saturday with Steph and her coworkers – it was a company event. Much cooler than the john l scott corporate olympics (hula hoops and dwarf bowling in the parking lot out back) and a pretty fun (albiet loud) time. Over 300 mph on the quarter mile, and times under 5 seconds… 0 to 100 in 0.8 seconds… the Max seemed really slow, along with pretty much everything else i’ve driven… but then, i haven’t driven Christi’s car yet. 😉 I was super impressed how much we got to walk thru the pits, right up to the cars, and chat with the mechanics and crew. A very interactive event, if i’m ever drowning in disposable income i’ll definitely go back of my own accord. I came home with some great pix, a few sunburned patches and a nice set of earplugs with that little string between them.

Later that night, i managed to strongarm Clint and Christi into joining me at the Capitol Club for a round of drinks in honor of Clint’s birthday. It was past their bedtime (10.30) so it was a bit of a challenge getting them out of the house. I succeeded much less with Travis, Jason and Christie, who were all determined to be lame and waste a beautiful summer saturday evening sleeping. I hope they’re not in charge of my next birthday celebration – i fear it would consist of a high-fiber snack, a glass of prune juice, and an afternoon nap…

Sunday Steph and i rolled down to Portland to enjoy the International Brewers’ Festival with Brandy and Zach Lawson. It was an excellent time, very good to see them as it’s been quite a while. They had quite the hookup on happy hour deals, too, so it was a day trip that my budget enjoyed, too. 😉 And then on the way back, i found two 300z’s in used car lots (one of which was guarded by two vicious, rabid, Cujo-style dogs) that i had to stop and look at.. trips just don’t get better than that! 😀

It’s over 90 this week in Seattle, a 5-year temperature record. The AC is actually working today, and this weekend is SeaFair (translation: heavy duty boat time!) so it’s only looking up up up! 😀