Splurged on lunch today (in more ways than one) by walking across the street to MuMu’s for a cheeseburger and fries. They give you a positively giant pile of fries! The only real downside is the bums that cut to the front of the line and try to persuade the MuMu’s staff to share the contents of their tip jar. That part i could do without… And then for dessert, i’ve got a jar of Nutella here that’s just waiting to be spread on something. I think all i’ve got are bagels, but with enough Nutella on it, anything is pretty much dessert. 😉

Also, in case you were wondering, Mt St Helens vented it’s little steam thingy for about 25 mins, and then shut right back up. Not a peep since. In another 20 years, maybe it’ll gurgle again – who knows?

Spending another sunny day basking in the glow of… flourescent lights and CRTs. Remind me again why i didn’t major in golf? Oh, yeah… cause i suck at that. Right. And getting the ol’ paycheck this week makes my determined lack of a tan worth it! I even managed to find enough after the basics were covered for new brake pads for the Z and (hopefully) a short shifter! First new toys i’ve bought her since March – i’m sure she’ll be very excited. 🙂 A set of winter rims are hopefully in the works this week, as well – Clint and i are negotiating a trade/sale and Christi was nice enough to loan me her rims for the time being (since her car’s not going anywhere for a bit). We’re taking care of that swap tomorrow. Thanx, Christi! You rock. Although i’m sorry you have a sweet car that you can’t drive again for a long time – believe me, i know what that feels like! And it sucks, hard core!

Speaking of toys for the Z, these are a long way off, but hopefully sometime this winter i’ll invest in some gauges to enable more precise tuning of the new motor. After some discussion with Clint, Christi, Jason and Ian, i’m looking at a total of 3: a fuel pressure gauge, and two EGT’s (pyrometers, measuring exhaust gas temperature), one for each exhaust bank. I have a few requirements: they have to be electronic (i don’t want pressurized fuel coming inside the firewall – sheesh!), i want full-sweep gauges, not the short sweep style – makes them easier to see and is more high-end, and (perhaps most importantly) i want them to look nice inside my interior! 😀 So here’s what i’ve come down to:

AutoMeter Sport Comp series. Similar in style to my stock dash gauges, which i like. White lettering, black faces, red needles. The less expensive option (slightly). Fuel Pressure


AutoMeter Cobalt series. White lettering, black face, bright red needle, lit by LEDs so crisper displays. The matching digital stereo system gauges are really sweet if i ever added those on. Look great at night, lit up blue. Fuel Pressure


So here’s the big quandary: go with the newer-design, nicer, clearer, more-expensive Cobalt series, or the more traditional, less-expensive SportComp series that matches my interior better? In a way i almost think the Cobalt ones are *too* fancy for my 13-year old car. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a super classy-feeling car despite the age, but the engineering is still early-90’s stuff and i don’t want the gauges to look out of place, like the “Mr Fusion” sticking out the back of the Delorean in Back to the Future 2. On the other hand, my boost gauge is bright blue and determinedly high-tech looking, and it’s right in the middle of the dash. So maybe they would match that, and look really good? Feel free to offer your opinions.

And now my fries are getting cold, so it’s off to the microwave for a warm-up, and to renew my supply of ketchup. And you should all get off your duffs and go enjoy the sunshine!