Mixed bag, heavy bag

More photos up for ya, the NHRA drags a couple weekends ago. My excuse on the air show photos was that Gabe was too busy to help me label them… don’t know what my excuse was on these… 😉 Anyway, they’re up, go enjoy!

Heard from Josh Lambert this weekend, he’s headed to Bologna, Italy for sure, to find a job, buy a moped, and become a good Italian! We’re all very excited for him, and i’m sure next time i hear from him he’ll have some really cool life where he drives Ferraris or gets daily massages from hot Italian women or something. He’s nervous about it, but i’m not worried. He’s got more charisma than Ghandi – the Italians are gonna love him!

Got all ambitious this weekend and cleaned up a room in the basement so i have a nice gym. Still needs one more coat of paint on the floor, which i’ll do tonite, and then i’ll have no excuse not to work out. 😉 It will be really nice to go down there and exercise without the giant creepy spiders watching me from the shadows…

Mountain Dew and a heat wave

Eek! I always knew mountain dew probably wasn’t the best choice, nutritionally – i mean, sugar, caffeine and carbonation aren’t exactly direct substitutes for vegetables, protein and fiber… but apparently m-dew code red poisons you and dyes your fat cells from the inside out… creepy! 😮 I’m gonna stick with the traditional day-glo green ‘healthy’ kind from now on…

I need to stop doing things that i feel compelled to take pictures of, cause then i wouldn’t have to spend so much time indoors all summer in front of a computer trying to post said photos for yourselves. I’m still working on the air show gallery – Gabe’s helping me caption them so i don’t blaspheme some integral part of aviation history or something – and now i have another weekend’s worth to get done! Geez!

So, despite the overwhelming pressure to post pix, i had a very enjoyable weekend. Went to the NHRA nationals (those are drag races… pro stock, alcohol and top fuel cars… ) on saturday with Steph and her coworkers – it was a company event. Much cooler than the john l scott corporate olympics (hula hoops and dwarf bowling in the parking lot out back) and a pretty fun (albiet loud) time. Over 300 mph on the quarter mile, and times under 5 seconds… 0 to 100 in 0.8 seconds… the Max seemed really slow, along with pretty much everything else i’ve driven… but then, i haven’t driven Christi’s car yet. 😉 I was super impressed how much we got to walk thru the pits, right up to the cars, and chat with the mechanics and crew. A very interactive event, if i’m ever drowning in disposable income i’ll definitely go back of my own accord. I came home with some great pix, a few sunburned patches and a nice set of earplugs with that little string between them.

Later that night, i managed to strongarm Clint and Christi into joining me at the Capitol Club for a round of drinks in honor of Clint’s birthday. It was past their bedtime (10.30) so it was a bit of a challenge getting them out of the house. I succeeded much less with Travis, Jason and Christie, who were all determined to be lame and waste a beautiful summer saturday evening sleeping. I hope they’re not in charge of my next birthday celebration – i fear it would consist of a high-fiber snack, a glass of prune juice, and an afternoon nap…

Sunday Steph and i rolled down to Portland to enjoy the International Brewers’ Festival with Brandy and Zach Lawson. It was an excellent time, very good to see them as it’s been quite a while. They had quite the hookup on happy hour deals, too, so it was a day trip that my budget enjoyed, too. 😉 And then on the way back, i found two 300z’s in used car lots (one of which was guarded by two vicious, rabid, Cujo-style dogs) that i had to stop and look at.. trips just don’t get better than that! 😀

It’s over 90 this week in Seattle, a 5-year temperature record. The AC is actually working today, and this weekend is SeaFair (translation: heavy duty boat time!) so it’s only looking up up up! 😀