Groggy after-lunch ramblings

Only two more days until Mom and Dad get here – and i have so much left to do! Most of it is cleaning and making room for them, as i’m pretty sure i could file a renter’s claim for damage due to hurricane Frances and no one would question it. Also, the exhaust leak on the Z needs to stop before then – so that will be my project after work on saturday. Eric is, of course, ridiculously generous with his garage and said i could come do so at his place, despite his being out of town for the weekend. Very cool.

If you’re lookin to buy me something in the under-20-dollars category (and who isn’t, really?) you should check out this nifty RX-7 stuffed toy that i think would look great perched at the head of my bed. Granted, i don’t have an RX-7 turbo, but i do think they’re pretty cool, and this little guy is a 10th-anniversary promo from Mazda and a part of rotory engine history. Plus, i couldn’t find 300zx ones – although maybe if i had this one Mom and Danielle could reverse engineer it. 😉 Anyway, i think it’s funny and would finish off the import-cars-and-ski-gear Trading-Spaces theme i’m going with. So someone should get me one. I’d get it myself, but i need an oil change for the Z more (something else i need to do sunday – list keeps getting bigger) and there’s only so much $$ to go around.

Not much else to say today. It’s the after-lunch-tired-and-sluggish time, and all i’ve really been doing this week is working, sleeping, running errands, and using too many hyphenated phrases in my weblog. Danielle and i spent a freakishly long day in the truck tuesday running errands all over the city – we actually ate two meals on the road that day. On the plus side, we figured out how the sunroof comes off my Pathfinder, which is pretty cool, and probably saved us from inevitable heat stroke as we sat on the 405 accumulating more dust than mileage. Standing on the step bars looking at the roof, i realized how much that poor thing needs a bath… kind of reminds me of the Z, which is also completely filthy. Hmm, something else i need to do on sunday. Oh, and the laundry. Sigh… no rest for the weary. But at least i’m not a resident of southern florida (14 ft waves forecast by saturday) or a Russian schoolkid today.

In local news, it looks like they might have caught the arsonist that’s been plaguing Seattle and Van for the last few months. Which would be good. On the downside, according to the article (last line) it now takes 4 hours to get to Van from here, so apparently either they’re taking into account extensive delays at the now-ridiculous border crossing, or the Juan de Fuca Plate moved and it’s now more than 140 miles drive.

Or maybe their car’s just not as fast as mine… 😉

Keeping myself amused.

Full and happy after lunch, things are quiet – nothing is beeping or flashing – leaving me to ponder what’s happening on Fark today and shop for nerd-gear at NTKmart. That and watch this creepy feature on CNN about all these people who dress up as lady liberty (blue face and all) and pose with tourists in NYC. Apparently it’s all the rage in the big apple right now. That, and iPods.

In the interest of amusing yourself today, check out Danielle, this one is for you.

On the home front, looks like JasonT will be moving in as roomie #3 sometime in the next couple of weeks, as Christian leaves for Germany (yes, again. no, i don’t know either. you’re going to have to ask him). I think this will be a great arrangment as Kim and i already know and like Jason, he needs a place right when we have one available (very fortuitous), all his furniture is already moved in (we’ve been using/storing/saving his stuff while he was in NYC) and it saves Kim and i from having to interview strangers who might have been drug addicts, vampires, mormons, or worse. As far as we know, Jason is none of these things. Plus, it will be cool to have a good professional colleague such as him around – i really enjoyed that about JoshH as a roommate. We were able to collaborate on contract projects and whatnot as well as motivate each other, and i think Jason and i will have that same opportunity, which i’m excited about. Also, i’ll have somebody to play TimeSplitters2 with again… 🙂

I’m Def Getting My Eyes Pierced

Granted, i don’t really read the “real” news. I read slashdot, the mac news network, and fark. And even on fark, i really don’t click on many links that sound like actual news, mostly stuff that’s tagged “amusing”, “spiffy”, or “wierd”. To be quite honest, i consider this the “real” news myself – i don’t really care about gibberish weather predictions, high school sports scores, or anything remotely related to the consumer price index. News in my book is who the RIAA is suing this week, scientific proof that caffeine is a health food, or how many billion dollars micro$oft was fined lately for being evil. Therefore, i don’t read about a lot of the really disturbing stuff that makes the news these days. Besides, i prefer to be creeped out by weird pop culture trends and government conspiracies instead of gory serial killings and whatever else they think is newsworthy down at king5. So, that said, the creepiest thing i saw on the news today is from Holland. Apparently the dutch think it’s a keen idea to implant jewelry under the mucous membranes in their eyes. Picture is not for the faint of stomach, or people who don’t like their eyes touched. I’ll stick to poking holes in my epidermal layer with big needles and other perfectly normal body decorations, thank you.

And now for today’s completely-0%-creep-factor Nissan update: The Z hit 1000 miles yesterday, i changed the oil and bled the clutch a bit (that second one is difficult to do by yourself, btw), turned the boost up a few notches, and drove around for a few hours. I set the AVC-R at 1.0 kg/cm2, and the turbos easily hit that (it’s about 14psi) at 5400rpm. All my research says not to take it past 15psi without better fuel management, so now i’m shopping for an air/fuel ratio gauge and buying lottery tickets to try and afford new fuel injectors. Anyone with a $G laying around can feel free to order a set of 555cc Nismo injectors for me. My birthday is coming up soon… 😉