Trans: A Bavarian state of mind, although technically the literal translation is “a Bavarian mental condition”, which may actually be true, as well.

In a few short hours I’ll pick up Danielle at work and we’ll trek a couple hours east to Leavenworth for a weekend at Oktoberfest with Eric, Heidi, Kristen, Dave, Roxana and various other houligans in liederhosen and funny hats (kidding about the liederhosen – although honestly I wouldn’t put it past Dave). It’s going to be a forever-long day at work waiting to leave. Danielle is hopefully going to come and borrow my keys this afternoon for an across-town midday job interview, and lunch today is the second in a 6-part installment of Maria’s going away lunch extravaganza (she’s moving to SanFran, and the party spans two weeks – yesterday was Mediterreanean, today’s a sack lunch on the rooftop patio at Occidental plaza – that’s two punches on my Lunch with Maria punch card so far, and yes there really is a punch card, one of the many reasons I love Maria) so at least I’ll get out of the building a bit and that will break the day up. I know I’ve only been back from vacation for a week, but I’m really looking forward to a weekend of schnitzel, jager, beer steins and hot tubbing.

Steph’s slowly posting pictures of her surroundings, on work assignment in Sweden. Those have been fun to peruse today. I’m still waiting for those Swedish pancake pictures, though, and a caption with “Bork!” in it.

Tom apparently thinks my life is too dull, as I’ve been receiving random (and unwanted) invites to MySpace groups this week. I politely declined invitations to join “Latin Music Fans” (clearly generated by my extensive John Secada cassette tape archives), “Northwest Offroad Bicyclists” (i did nearly brush a mountain bike with my front fender on the way to work tuesday…) and “MySpace Marketing Professionals” (someone is apparently confusing me with a professional, but I’m trying not to take it personally). Today’s invite, however, wasn’t even worth clicking on… but it is worth posting:

    MySpace Groups 	
    Hi Brian,
    You have been invited to join the Myspace Virtual Sex group on MySpace.
    Click the link below to see the group:
    At MySpace we care about your privacy. We have sent you this notification 
    to facilitate your use as a member of the service.

Which begs the question – what sort of “services” is MySpace really “facilitating”?