SIFF 2003

Congratulations Erika and Michael! My friend – and college lab partner – Erika Abrahamsen is getting married in july, i wish them all the best! You can check out their wedding info here. Erika’s always been a great girl, and i wish the two of them all the best!

For all you cultured types out there, the nation’s largest independent film festival starts the 22nd, right here in Seattle. Check out for the viewing schedules. Personally, i’m trying to catch the south korean entry Bad Guy and the dutch musical Yes Nurse, No Nurse. See you at the movies… 😉

Cartoon theme songs; short but persistent

Got a call from Mom at 8am this morning, they’re on the road! I’m down in burien working, but only until noon, then it’s home to straighten up the house and put another load of towels in the dryer, and otherwise get ready for them to be here! Incidentally, Mom called on the new phone which is super-duper cool. Found a sweet transformers pic for it, thanx Jhonny!

Put the new phone on silent last nite to catch Spike & Mike’s animation fest at the Varisty theatre up on the Ave with Josh and Kim. A couple very funny toons, and a bunch of really strange ones, and one that was kinda sad… pretty cool, overall. My fav was i think Happy Tree Friends. It looks cutsey but it’s not – it’s very much like Itchy & Scratchy of Simpsons fame, in fact i wonder whether one inspired the other. Really funny, and the high-pitched giggly theme song is still stuck in my head today… “La la la, lala la la, la la la, lala la la…” Augh! Make the madness stop!

Lucy Liu, I’m still waiting for you to return my calls

New photos up from the aforementioned Oregon coast daytrip. Go check ’em out! I know it’s been over a month… i hope you think they’re worth the wait! It was a fun trip, i had fun putting together the gallery – even really late! 😉

Got a few more steps done on Ian’s transmission today. Old automatic tranny is out, new manual tranny is working and assembled. Big old hole under the hood, couple pans full of tranny fluid laying around in Dave’s garage. Looks pretty cool. 😉

Doing laundry and staying up late watching movies with Josh. Well, i’m not doing laundry with Josh, just the staying up late part. A little Charlie’s Angels is a great way to finish the night…

Most alarm clock sounds are unpleasant by definition

Ugh. Mondays suck.

So i have my radio set to C89.5, right. For you distant types, they play techno and house pretty much all the time, no commercials, it’s a great station. Perfect to wake up to. Except on monday mornings. Monday morning at 6am they have a 10 minute segment on current news, or some such rubbish. Only monday mornings, only at 6am. Otherwise, no talking, just wake-up-and-get-out-of-bed music. So guess what time my alarm goes off – you guessed it, 6am. Works great every other day, but monday morning, the day of the week i most need a good beat to get me on my feet (hmmm… that rhyme wasn’t intentional) i wake up to news. I don’t know about you, but the last thing i want to hear first thing in the morning is current events. It’s enough to make me want to stay in bed forever…

Speaking of current events, John S and his navy dispatch are underway starting this week until sometime in april. Sucks for him and his new wife (as of saturday) as they didn’t even get a honeymoon yet. Best of luck and safe travels to him, hopefully i’ll have something cool done to my car to show him when he returns. (So far most of the cool stuff is thanx to him). I’m sure he’ll get tired of playing ps2 in the radar room and be ready to get back on dry land by the time their tour is over. 😉

Weekend was good, tho, at least there’s that. Friday afternoon Mrs. Benjamin and i sorted thru my finances a bit, and she thinks she can help me make more sense out of it all. As if i don’t talk fast enough already, talking about my $ situation makes me stressed and i start to talk even faster, so i pretty much blabbed her ear off. Next time maybe i’ll take a sedative before we get into the discussion. Friday nite was Hillary M’s bday shindig. Ceces birthday was only a day away, too, so our gig was actually a double-party event. Being the hostess-with-the-mostess that she is, we all joined Hilly at her apt in Queen Anne for drinks and whatnot, then headed to Kell’s, an irish pub in Post Alley. After rollicking to some traditional and not-so-traditional irish tunes, and a few birthday spankings from the band, we closed the place up and headed back to Queen Anne. As super-hostess one more time, Hilly treated us to late nite grilled cheese (Hilly makes the best ones ever – and Molly says her tuna melts are to die for, as well, although i personally find tuna melts a little creepy. If Hilly’s making it, tho, i might give one a try, as i was most impressed with her grill cheese prowess). I crawled home a bit before 4, and then was up again at 8 so i could jet down to the storage locker in Renton with a few odds and ends, but not without a few advil and some unpleasant thoughts directed at my alarm clock. Then it was back in Ian’s garage for another Maxima session, this time with the correct springs – and not ford focus ones – thanx a bunch! :p It looks great now, and the ride is much improved. And no more scraping holes in the tranny pan going over manholes. You think i’m kidding? We had that to fix saturday, too… While i was over there, Ian assisted me with swapping out my car’s serpentine belt – it was about due – and i finally fixed the bloody taillights that have been driving me crazy – the turn signals were a different shade of red than the brakes. I know that sounds picky, but on my current budget that’s the kind of stuff i can afford to fix, so i’m gonna do it right! Anyway, got those things done along with a few other stray items. Also helped Patrick put his new Warpspeed Ypipe on, which i think sounds sweet but he thinks is too loud… whatever! It was a long day and i’m sore again, but Ian’s always appreciative of the help, and i learn a ton, so as Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing.” Course that doesn’t have quite the same charm when she’s wearing an orange jumpsuit… 🙂

Sunday i installed a wireless network at the Benjamins’ house (thanx again you guys – you’re the best!) and Colleen, Josh, Kim and i tried out a new Thai place in the neighborhood – which turned out to be great. Josh brought home a takeout menu. 🙂 And then i made Kim and Colleen watch Zoolander, which i think is a really funny movie. Colleen thinks i’m a big dork for thinking so, but she lost a game of paper-rock-scissors and so now is officially the bigger dork. That movie just cracks me up – “i feel like i’m taking crazy pills!”. I’m still laughing today… on the inside.