I accepted the local NSX club’s invite (extended via Eric) to attend their annual fun run sunday, which this year was a drive to the Mount Baker Ski Area lodge. They made special arrangements to have the lodge opened for us in the off-season, and the narrow, winding road up was a blast in dry weather.

I was still tweaking with some fuel settings on my car that had it running a little rich and not quite like I wanted, so I opted to ride along with Eric rather than take my car on an aggressive drive involving a drastic altitude change (which directly affects air/fuel mix) and risk a problem. Hopefully next time around I’ll be able to drive along, as it was a great road and a lot of fun, even as a passenger.

I’ve got pictures of the whole crew, about 40 strong between the NSX and S2000 groups, and a couple stray Ferrari’s – a pristine 12-cylinder Testarossa and a rare, gorgeous 575M Superamerica driven by an unfortunately-obnoxious barefoot guy. The only images, however, that I have processed already are the ones we took of Eric’s sweet NSX amidst the amazing scenery: