Another evil lawsuit from the jerks at Monster Cable, who are single-handedly making a mockery of our legal system and the idea of intellectual property. This time, it’s an innocent mini golf course franchise that’s the result of a nice Rhode Island couple’s blood, sweat and tears. Monster Cable (as always) claims that consumers might be confused about another product being branded “Monster” anything, because they apparently think consumers who are in the market for overpriced audio cable might accidentally end up buying a round of mini golf instead, out of confusion. So in addition to having a very warped view of right and wrong, Monster Cable also thinks we’re all really stupid.

Read the full story as Monster Mini Golf details it, and visit the ebay auction posted there to donate to their legal fund. You can also read the call to arms at and join the Facebook group. What else can you do? Well, stop buying Monster Cable. You shouldn’t have been, anyway, as any audiophile will tell you it’s no better than a coat hangar at transmitting an audio signal. So save your money… and send a little to Rhode Island to fight a Monster (the bad kind).

Credit to Matthew Inman, one of my web-media role models, for the quirky pig monster image.