Credit for passing on this link goes to Kevin, who was originally turned on to the humorous anecdotes of an American guy teaching English in Japanese schools near Kyoto. I followed the link and found some funny stories of cultural differences and language barriers, but the article that moved me to share this site with everyone I know was one of the serious ones. It’s tagged *special* in the index of editorials, but i think that’s a woeful understatement, as it’s a truthful, living example of why doing good for others is never a waste of your time, even if it is never acknowledged or rewarded. It is the golden rule in action, a small yet eternal platitude that, as evidenced here, has great potential for positive change. In this case i sincerely hope Moeko knows how much she is appreciated and is motivated to continue saving the world, one person at a time. Take a quiet moment and read it. There’s some off-color language and the site in general is not safe for all ages, but don’t let that deter you from seeing the beautiful humanity present in the story. I think you’ll be moved, just like i am, to go home and be more like Moeko tomorrow.