First step in what will become a long and illustrious modeling career

John saw a familiar face in his Crutchfield email flier today – mine! Back in August 2006 when I bought my QX4 I ordered a new Alpine deck from Jeremy, a slow-talking Texan with a head for electronics and my guy on Crutchfield’s telephone advisor team. A few days after my successful order, already many head-banging hours of Alpine goodness into my new vehicular music experience, Tara from Crutchfield’s creative team hit me up for a customer testimonial plug, and I happily obliged – I’ve always had great service there and the $25 gift card didn’t hurt, either. 😉 Clint helped me take a few pictures inside my truck one sunny afternoon, and I sent them off to Tara. I checked the catalog every month for a few months, paging through in search of my smiling mug, but eventually forgot or assumed they had deemed my look not “catalog” enough.

Eighteen months later, here I am, plugging their new Alpine gear. Look who’s gonna be America’s next top model! Take that, Tyra Banks!


Clint, congratulations, you’ve been published! You’re now a professional photographer – feel free to add that to your resume.