Just when you thought using your cell in the car was dangerous… this guy’s phone saved his life. Literally. It took a bullet for him. I’ve always thought Nokia’s were good phones – i had no idea. See that, Dean – technology makes life better! 😉

And while technology is improving the world every day, stupid people (some with questionable morals) are constantly struggling to make things worse for everyone. I mean, wouldn’t the world be a better place if people in florida stopped racing greyhounds dogs that are high on cocaine? I mean, i know “winning is everything” and all, but do the dogs get to choose if they’d like to become addicted to illegal psychostimulants? I doubt anyone asked the greyhounds if they were interested in the seizures and heart attacks that go along with being a coke-head. And besides the obvious and disturbing abuse of these animals, i have to wonder… if they have enough money to buy cocaine for their dog, do they really need to win that badly? I mean, if i could afford enough coke to get a 60lb dog high… well, i wouldn’t be at work today, that’s for sure!