Welcome to schuss.net 6.0

Is it a little scary that I’ve had 6 complete redesigns of this site? Someday I’ll dig them up for you in the internet archive – maybe for my 10th blogging anniversary. 😉 Anyway, welcome to the new fully-wordpress-integrated look. I’ve been using WordPress on the backend for over a year, since I took a weekend and migrated all my legacy posts and comments into it. The site’s been a little clunky since then, so I’m happy to present a more unified, consolidated experience now that I’m taking full advantage of the flexibility of this platform.

Some of the hot new features I’m excited about:

  • The Post Tags cloud on the left, showing the topics I talk about the most – bigger ones are more frequent.
  • Twitter integration – also on the left, my latest random thought (ie: tweet), thanks to the slick Twitter Tools plugin. As these are now linked with WordPress I’ll have the option for future integration, and the same one-liners are also becoming my Facebook status as of late, too. I love killing many birds with one stone… haha, a twitter pun.
  • Check out the Links tab up top for my del.icio.us tag cloud – like the Post Tags cloud but a collection of my bookmarks grouped by relative topic. There’s some good stuff in there.
  • In case you missed my post about the British Auto Show, check out the new photo gallery format in use there. I’m still working to migrate old photos into this but new galleries will be this way and somewhere I’ll come up with a list of all the galleries that’s easy to navigate.
  • And this is a gimme, but comments work properly now – you can log in and it will remember you next time, you can subscribe to a post and get RSS updates when someone replies to your comment – all the things everyone else using WordPress takes for granted that my visitors have been suffering without. So enjoy that, it’s been long overdue.

Feedback is welcome, as always, and thanks to the internet and all of you for listening to me for the last 8 years. 🙂

Woefully out of date

I’m finally posting something after more than 20 days, but don’t expect this to be the catch-up post that explains everything noteworthy that’s happened in October. So much of this month has been events worthy of their own post that it just wouldn’t do them justice to breeze through them in bullet points. I did want to explain, though, that I’ve migrated all of my various sites to new hosting in October due to some things I didn’t like about how the previous host was managing them (more on that later). Moving the domain names and all the data has taken a long time – longer than I had wanted – especially because it wasn’t a planned, well-coordinated move. It was more the sort of move passengers on the steerage deck make if they’re lucky enough to be near an unlocked porthole when they hear the call to abandon ship.

Anyway, beware of broken links, weird errors and other migration hiccups as I manually go through every page and file looking for configuration changes. I’m learning that I may have been depending on my previous setup a little too much and I need to design in a more modular and universal way so migrations are simpler – something I’ve known but been lazy about in using the same hosting platform for the past 10 years. Unless you see a grossly overlooked error don’t bother pointing them out right now… might already be on my list. 🙂

Finally, an honest spammer (and a few other unrelated topics I needed to catch you up on)

Direct from my inbox to you:


Now that’s a subject line I can at least respect.

In development news, I accomplished the bulk of the site’s database migration last night (staying up later than I really ought to on a school night) so I should be able to post with more frequency now. I haven’t finished user commenting, or the moblogging bit, but rest assured they’re on the list. At least the primary gag order has been lifted.

It’s 3:45 and I’m trapped at work, done with everything I need to do for the day/week/month/quarter but imprisoned by a meeting my boss scheduled at 4pm. On a Friday. On the sunniest week we’ve had since October. How do I feel about that? I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Would it be unprofessional to show up with my jacket on, keys in hand, bag over my shoulder?

Last Sunday was the first big Nissan meet of the year, and now that the season’s open the calendar events are popping up like mushrooms after a week of rain. I crammed the few days before and managed to swap out springs and shocks with new, better-performing ones and install sweet new wheels – the SpeedStar’s I’ve been wanting for ages – in time for a rainy day in a waterfront park with 200 other Nissans. Specs are on the modlist if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m so happy with my car right now I can’t even express it. Just enjoy the pictures with me in quiet awe:

new wheels
more wheels