Got an sms from John from Kalispell today, he’s on midterm break so went on safari. [sarcasm] I’m sure that will suck. [/sarcasm] Seriously, John, have a great time, and be careful of the hippos, i hear they’re really mean. I, meanwhile, am sitting in front of a poor-quality crt monitor wasting my mid 20s pretending to care about windoze printing issues…

Still no one interested in buying the Maxima from me. Starting to get frustrating… i hate getting all emotionally and mentally prepared for things and then having to wait for them to happen. Guess i need to stop anticipating things i cannot control… What? There are things i cannot control? I never said that was okay!

It’s monday, so hopefully there’s a new Strong Bad Email today. And i’m on my first day of a resolution to eat better (gonna be broke anyway, might as well file bankruptcy with a full stomach) and i’m already feeling the benefits of a healthy diet… more energy, better mood, increased typing accuracy. It’s just a win-win! 😉

At least i can be thankful that i don’t have a pair of forceps lodged in my abdomen like this poor woman in Bangkok, that were left there by surgeons in 1997… and have been there ever since. If micro$oft ran the medical community, that’s the kind of stuff you could expect… 😉