Talked to Holly today for a bit while it was slow at work. We agreed that both of us need to marry into money, as we’d both rather be drinking margaritas and playing poker on the deck of a yacht than working right now. This is not to say that we don’t enjoy our jobs – both of us like our respective occupations very well, thank you – but we’d sure enjoy not having to work a whole lot more! Unfortunately, one of us is going to have to be the rich one in order for our genius plan to work, and right now that’s neither of us. Personally, i’m rooting for Holly, as she’s in law school and has a lot of potential. She promised she’d let me know as soon as she makes it big, so we can start making plans. 🙂

On the subject of throwing money around, here’s one more thing to add to my fantasy wishlist. I’ve always figured i’d get a big phatty yacht when i either (a) win the big lotto or (b) make a mint on company stock. But then Lance Lloyd (my coworker and NOC mentor) introduced me to US Submarines. Click on ‘Submarines’, choose ‘Luxury’, and download the spec for the ‘Phoenix 1000.’ This is the new defnition of traveling in style. A floating bungalow with every amenity that you can submerge up to 2000 feet for up to 20 days, to look at the neat fishies or just hide out from everything and everyone. A dive chamber so you can step out for a stroll in your wetsuit on the ocean floor, and a mini-sub that launches out the back for quick jaunts around the reef or into port for more margarita mix. I can’t freakin believe how cool this thing is. Read the brochure and i guarantee you’ll want one. So i’ll definitely be spending a cool way-too-many-freakin-million dollars on one as soon as i cash that big novelty check. And if you’re nice, i’ll take you for a ride. 🙂