Ten to one, almost time for bed, just wanted to post Z rebuild project pics and say i’m really glad it’s a weekend, even if i’ll i’m doing for the whole thing is working on my car. That’s still better than fixing windoze printing problems and lugging myself and my bag full of tools all over town on the bus.

Actually, with each passing week it’s less tools… screwdriver makes way for toothbrush, bottle of screws replaced by bottle of advil, instead of computer parts in plastic bags there’s cough drops, kleenex and Starbucks napkins. Regardless, i’m not super enthused about packing it around, nor about using or not using it to troubleshoot micro$oft’s bad software. Especially when last spring’s $5000 dept reward budget for a summer deep-sea fishing trip turned into a november comdex conference which turned into $500 Starbucks gift cards which turned into $100 Fry’s christmas cards which turned into nothing so the budget could be $5000 fatter. Sigh. And i’m supposed to evaluate myself and my performance via spreadsheet by monday. I hope there’s not a section about morale. Double sigh. At least my field office people are nice.

As a small, devious, private act of rebellion – as is my custom – i bought a Ducati patch and sewed it over the company logo on the above-mentioned bag. If i’m going to give them free advertising on my back all day… well, i’m going to need a little more love than i’m feelin from work lately. Okay, a lot more.