October Retrospect – Part 2

First weekend in October – Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, our third annual trek east over the Cascade Mountains for the world’s third-largest such ‘fest in our own local Bavarian village. We were on a schedule and a budget this year – as most of us were leaving for a week or two in Hawaii the following weekend – so we didn’t do our usual long weekend in a condo with a big hot tub. Instead the crew compromised on a 15-pass van and an action-packed daytrip, with yours truly at the helm (I did have the chauffer’s cap on, after all).


It was a great day, beautiful and sunny in faux-Bavaria despite dreary Seattle skies and a rain-soaked drive both ways. We continued some growing traditions and started a few new ones, and were having so much fun when it came time to leave that the party continued in the van all the way home with very few incidences of highway napping, a rarity on a group roadtrip.






What’s with all the hats, you ask? Funny hats are an international Oktoberfest tradition! (Really). For our third annual trip Dave and I felt we needed to adopt this practice, so we hit the costume stores and the hats (a big hit with the group) were passed around all day for the camera’s benefit. These are all Erica’s photos, btw, so huge props to her for being the ever-present shutterbug as well as the Gwen Stefani to my Justin Timberlake.


Yes, we’re all wearing vests. One of our traditions is the “Oktober-Vest”, and weirdly enough we’re actually starting to become known for it around Leavenworth Oktoberfest circles. We are “the vest group” to increasingly more people in this fellowship of funny-hat-wearing beer enthusiasts, which is all the more reason that we’ll be back next year with crazier hats, tackier vests and whatever new traditions we dream up between now and next October.


Ein bayerischer geisteszustand

Trans: A Bavarian state of mind, although technically the literal translation is “a Bavarian mental condition”, which may actually be true, as well.

In a few short hours I’ll pick up Danielle at work and we’ll trek a couple hours east to Leavenworth for a weekend at Oktoberfest with Eric, Heidi, Kristen, Dave, Roxana and various other houligans in liederhosen and funny hats (kidding about the liederhosen – although honestly I wouldn’t put it past Dave). It’s going to be a forever-long day at work waiting to leave. Danielle is hopefully going to come and borrow my keys this afternoon for an across-town midday job interview, and lunch today is the second in a 6-part installment of Maria’s going away lunch extravaganza (she’s moving to SanFran, and the party spans two weeks – yesterday was Mediterreanean, today’s a sack lunch on the rooftop patio at Occidental plaza – that’s two punches on my Lunch with Maria punch card so far, and yes there really is a punch card, one of the many reasons I love Maria) so at least I’ll get out of the building a bit and that will break the day up. I know I’ve only been back from vacation for a week, but I’m really looking forward to a weekend of schnitzel, jager, beer steins and hot tubbing.

Steph’s slowly posting pictures of her surroundings, on work assignment in Sweden. Those have been fun to peruse today. I’m still waiting for those Swedish pancake pictures, though, and a caption with “Bork!” in it.

Tom apparently thinks my life is too dull, as I’ve been receiving random (and unwanted) invites to MySpace groups this week. I politely declined invitations to join “Latin Music Fans” (clearly generated by my extensive John Secada cassette tape archives), “Northwest Offroad Bicyclists” (i did nearly brush a mountain bike with my front fender on the way to work tuesday…) and “MySpace Marketing Professionals” (someone is apparently confusing me with a professional, but I’m trying not to take it personally). Today’s invite, however, wasn’t even worth clicking on… but it is worth posting:

    MySpace Groups 	
    Hi Brian,
    You have been invited to join the Myspace Virtual Sex group on MySpace.
    Click the link below to see the group:
    At MySpace we care about your privacy. We have sent you this notification 
    to facilitate your use as a member of the MySpace.com service.

Which begs the question – what sort of “services” is MySpace really “facilitating”?

Oktoberfest in Leavenworth 2005

I agreed at the last minute to drive over the Cascades to Washington’s little slice of Bavarian culture, Leavenworth, joining Eric and several of his friends for a day at the annual Oktoberfest. We laughed nonstop and I had such an excellent day they convinced me to stay another day, finding room for me on a couch in their rented condo. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was too busy enjoying myself… I’m so glad I stumbled my way into this group!

Gallery slideshow is here

Content of a different sort

I haven’t been as verbose the last week or so, in some part because work is stressing me out and making me not want to look at a computer ever again, much less sit down at one when i get home at night and scrape together something interesting to editorialize. Also, the general state of broke-ness that has settled in (after i figured out i take home less pay than i did at my previous position, thanks to the loss of overtime) has meant that my leisurely breakfast of cereal, fruit, yogurt, juice, and RSS has been replaced with two more presses of the snooze button and a balance bar that is nestled in my stomach like a brick in a safeway bag before i’m even on the freeway.

The time i have spent in front of my own computer, at home, has been mostly with photoshop and bbedit either working on a web project or processing photos i’ve taken lately. Since everyone was complaining about the lack of new photos, i’m trying to get somewhere with that. I’ve posted a gallery of Clint’s and my drive to Leavenworth two sundays ago, which is half photos of us embarassing ourselves, half photos of our cars freshly washed before we even left town, and 10% stray photos actually of Leavenworth. People who are inclined to point out that this totals more than 100% can take their math and stuff it in their cake hole.

I’ve also got a gallery from the Northwest Nissans annual BBQ in North Van last sunday. Clint and i drove up there for the day, and again most of the photos are of our two cars and a sweet red Z with polished rims belonging to North Van local Mike. We had a good time checking stuff out, visiting all the canadian peeps, and especially the drive home, which was sunny and great.

Last but oh-so-certainly not least, my Memorial Day weekend in Montana. No great pictures of Danielle‘s and my sunburns, but some nice Montana scenery and lots of family time. I organized them (for once) in some sort of order, with our saturday at Mom & Dad’s house first, then the sunday mountain ride, and finally the sunday nite family bbq. It was a great trip for both of us, and i wish every weekend could be so relaxing.