I think my brain is getting softer. Maybe cause i never use it, other than to remember song lyrics or attempt clever comeback remarks. I mean, it’s not like i use it at work, right? And commuting is pretty mindless, just stay between the lines – something i should have mastered in kindergarten. Even when i have a flat tire – and I’ve had two this week, one on each vehicle. I’ve also spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks moving boxes, packing boxes, unpacking boxes, taping boxes, trying not to drown in styrofoam peanuts and shredded paper – none of which were particularly mentally demanding. I think the most intellectually stimulating things i’ve done all month are watch CSI and try to hack Sims2 to let me use clothing from different categories. I succeeded at that, by the way – Danielle and i have made several Sims who are wearing their swimsuits as everyday clothes, or otherwise cheating the rules of their digital universe. So with very little keeping those neurons firing, i think they’re getting lazy – as lazy as the rest of me – and my brain is turning into pudding. And not a good kind either – probably tapioca or something equally hideous.

I have officially moved to Edmonds. It’s a nice neighborhood so far, although i forgot that i was going to be starting over finding nearby services and all those handy places i was used to in west seattle. Kim and i spent a whole day last week cleaning the old house, and were quite happy to be rid of the place by the time we’d realized all the dirt and broken stuff that was revealed when we removed the furniture. Still trying to meet with the landlord for closing paperwork – she’s now on my “gets a call every day until this mess is over” list.

Danielle has been a huge help with all the moving madness – helping me pack and unpack, lending me her car – and just generally being super patient with my less-than-occasional exasperated, frustrated and frantic moments. She’s a saint and i owe her a huge debt of gratitude. I wish i could give her something amazing for Christmas. I have 21 more days to win the lottery.

Now i’m going to go play Domo Kun Smashfest and daydream about donning my own giant Domo Kun outfit and having a smashfest at work…