lake washington

Washington Park Arboretum Walk – May 2010

The location was Alex‘s idea, but I turned out to be the one properly prepared for it as I had worn flip-flops (largely out of laziness) and the muddy, swampy, often-underwater trail was much easier to navigate when I just stopped trying to stay dry and started wading through the slop. We stopped to catch nice views of the lake, walked along the canal marveling at what life must be like in a house that’s water-adjacent, and as usual got carried away talking and didn’t take that many photos. Still, some nice shots at one of Seattle’s many treasured bastions of urban wilderness seclusion, and a great day out with a good friend.

Gallery slideshow is here

My Big Fat Seafair Weekend

Yet another weekend of Seattle’s amazing floating festival has made me even more sure I definitely need a boat of some sort, no matter how ugly, slow or ancient it ends up being. If you live near Seattle and have never been on Lake Washington for Seafair weekend, you really aren’t a true Seattleite. Everyone finds a way onto the lake for the weekend, in everything from massive yachts to fishing boats, from antique paddleboats to inflatable dinghys.

I pulled my phone out a few times for pictures, especially of the crazy exodus under the I-90 floating bridge, but most of what happens at Seafair needs to stay at Seafair, so I kept it stowed most of the time. Also, there’s a lot of water flying around – via squirt guns and water ballons, and once even from the upturned props of a yacht determined to win a water fight. Next year I might actually remember to buy a couple disposables. Anyway, enjoy the couple of shots I took of the incredibly fun chaos that is Seafair. Huge thanks to my boat-owning friends for letting me tag along this year! Next year I hope to tie my own up alongside yours. 🙂








There’s caffeine in my mints, too.

Thanx Kimmy for making us go! Steph and i had a random fun time on the eighties harbor cruise – enjoyed the show of sequins, polka dots and jean jackets, danced a bit, marveled at the downtown skyline from our watery vantage – and managed to avoid being trampled by the ballroom couple or the gaggle of bachelorettes high on blow. Tomorrow Kim and I are going on the lake at 8am to catch some good waterskiing weather if anyone’s interested… call me before 2am or after 7. 😉

And yes, the caffeine is working…a frappuccino for breakfast, another for lunch, and then a sensible dinner (two mt dews with teriyaki) and i’m feeling much better about everything… except maybe that ucler. 😉

Just playing with toys

My Homestar Runner figurines arrived two days ago, but i’ve been so busy since then i haven’t even had a chance to tell you about them! Augh! 🙂

Last nite we took the boat all the way around Mercer Island, with a small detour on the south end of the island for Kim to take advantage of some great waterskiing conditions. The sunset over the city from the lake was incredible! And we almost got swamped by a seaplane about 10 times as we were crossing Lake Union in search of dinner. So that was pretty fun. 😉 And check out the killer tape collection of Kirby’s i found hiding on the bookshelf at home – makes a great boat soundtrack, doncha think?

Weekend’s almost here, tonite is (finally) payday, so things are looking up there, too! Saturday Steph hooked me up with an extra spot in their company’s box at the drag races (sweet!) and then sunday she and i are headed to portland for the international brew fest thingy, and to cross paths with Zach & Brandy. Also, saturday nite i’m headed out with the team for Clint’s bday. And friday nite is the torchlite parade downtown, the start of SeaFair week. So i predict this weekend will fly by and i totally won’t be ready for monday… 😉 And then next week is SeaFair, fun in the sun, baby! Gonna live on the lake for a week! 😀

So, enough delay already, let’s talk about the Homestar figurines! If you live under a rock or in a cave or something and haven’t watched the toons on the web, you better go do it right now! Seriously, the guys that make these, Mike & Matt, are really clever, and the stuff is completely out there and super funny. Strong Bad reading his email is one of the best features, and the Teen Girl Squad shorts are hilarious! So i ordered the whole figurine set the day i heard they were released on fark. They’re really sweet, i’m totally impressed with the quality and accuracy. Plus they’re kewl! They also came with a hand signed thank-you from Mike and Matt, pretty sweet. For your enjoyment, i also have Strong Bad and The Cheat taking a roadtrip in the Viper and Strong Bad rollin’ in style in the Nissan 350Z. I know you’re totally jealous, and wish you had been the first person to get them! 😀

Excellent weekends are so short

For starters, a big happy birthday to Ja’Neille (it was actually yesterday) – hope you had a rockin’ weekend!

I personally had a most excellent weekend of summer fun. Josh, Kim and myself hosted a killer bbq saturday nite, and despite a treacherous and unsuccessful trek in search of fully operational tiki torches, we pulled it off smoothly and had a great time. A good crowd of our friends were able to make it, nobody parked in front of the neighbor’s driveway enciting a feud, no grillables plummeted into the flames, all of the snack food disappeared, and we retained a small cache of beverages to supplement our boating adventures for the next few weekends. Clint, Christi, Travis, Jason and Christie would have met more people if they hadn’t been so anti-social. j/k! 😉 I have yet to exact my revenge on Clint for hitting me squarely in the forehead with a projectile grape in mid-sentence, so he better be watching his back! Bwah ha ha ha! I’m also very glad that Becky, Gabe, Duncan, Lucas, Erika, several of Kim’s coworkers and a random assortment of Josh’s soccer teams were able to join us!

Being the very capable party planners that we are, sunday cleanup was easy (very few dishes – yay!) leaving us plenty of time to be on the lake! After a small adventure into Georgetown to locate Wiley’s watersports and buy a ski tube, Kim and I raced to Seattle Boat to meet Becky, arriving just as they were loading our vessel into the water. We took off right away, and then hit a small snag (figuratively) when Erika arrived right behind us, only to be stranded on shore in an area too shallow for an aquatic approach. Enter Officer Friendly and his police launch, who was kind enough to escort an embarrassed Erika from the shore out to us. She felt silly climbing on board, toting a small cooler full of beer and a waterski, but he was very pleasant – turned out to be from Butte, to which we all said “I’m sorry”, triggering a group laugh. We passed him a couple times during the day with sheepish waves, feeling like the teacher’s pet because the waterway patrol knew who we were. 🙂

Anyway, so after a brief swim and a treacherous tube ride (not so much because Kim and I were having difficulty staying on the tube together, but because Erika the Banshee was driving) we picked up Erika’s boyfriend Erik (Erika and Erik, cute, huh?) and band member Mike in Kirkland. The rest of the afternoon flew by, filled with sunshine, splashing, and the discovery that a full bottle of beer floats very poorly. After docking up we hit the Northlake Tavern for 6 pounds of excellent pizza (that’s total, not each), laughed at the irony when only-person-who-brought-dry-clothes Becky found herself wearing a glass of water thanks to the swift reach of Erika, and were home and in bed by midnight, just enough sleep to leave me on time for work but feeling all day like i should still be in bed! 😉 But what an excellent weekend!

Air shows and wakeboarding

Oooh, i can barely walk today! So i must have had a really great weekend, right? Well, you’re right, i did! Summer is the best! 🙂

Friday nite we took Josh out for his birthday. Started with dinner at the Elysian Brewery (mmm… beer battered fish!). I feel it important to point out that their cool mood music was pumping out of an iMac behind the bar. 😉 Then it was off to Dilletante for way-too-rich desserts that required taking the latter half home with us in boxes. That could perhaps be partly because Kim, Josh and I ate an entire birthday cake in the 5 days preceeding. Josh actually only had two pieces, so it was really Kim and myself enjoying birthday cake with dinner, for dinner, as a snack, for breakfast, etc. Anyway… then down to the Alibi Room for drinks, finishing off a great summer evening! And a big happy birthday to Josh! He should have birthdays more often…

Saturday Josh and I met his friend Duncan for a most excellent day of lake fun and sun. Besides being a rather cool guy, Duncan also pilots a well-equipped boat, perfect for Josh’s seasonal-first and my forever-first day on a wakeboard! It was a total blast, i did way better than i thot i would and had a superb time at it. Despite swallowing a large portion of lake washington, i managed to get on my feet by the end of my first set, and by the second set i was getting the feel of it and carving around the wake a bit. I’m totally jacked about giving that another try, and a big whopper thanx to Duncan for being such a patient instructor and gracious watercraft host! Totally sweet.

Lest we get any time to rest, Josh and I rolled right up to Steph’s to enjoy her housewarming festivities – burgers, beer and good company! We did a good job of scaring Steph’s work friends into their own little corner of the house with our obnoxiousness and chased each other with leftover sparklers in the backyard. A top-notch summer evening, and a perfect initiation for Steph’s new house!

Sunday Gabe and i rolled down to Tacoma to scope out some freakin huge airplanes, and also some not-as-huge but still pretty impressive ones, at the McChord AFB air show. I’ve got pics i’m workin on, but suffice to say we saw a lot of cool stuff, and Gabe totally filled my brain with random airplane facts – i think i could lube the landing gear on a C-17 with my eyes closed. 😉

Today it’s back to work, and not too bad of a day, as i’m spending most of it working with the graphic design department to set up their sweet new Macs (including one of those amazing 23″ cinema displays). Always fun to work on the machines in that department… 😉 Spent some time catching up on IM with Sara Torbet, Josh Lambert and Shanna Massey, too – great talking to you kids!

So i’m still totally sore from abusing myself on the lake, drinking a bit, and getting no sleep – so much so that i’m still limping this afternoon. But it was totally worth it! I’m having a great monday – hope you are all too! 😀