It’s friday morning, Mom and Dad headed home today after spending a week in town wining and dining Danielle and i and just generally making us feel loved and a little spoiled. I came close to preventing them from buying me anything unnecessarily, but caved on a new corkscrew after my dull, junky one nearly cost us a bottle of Columbia syrah i’ve been aging in my wine pantry (trans: garage) since late 2001. It’s one of those fancy automatic jobs that whips the cork out in one smooth clamping motion in less time that it takes to think “this is the first bottle of wine i’ve opened in a long time that cost more than my morning coffee”, further deteriorating the time-space barriers between me and alcoholism.

As always, it was fantastic having them here, and i really truly didn’t mind sleeping on the couch, honestly. It’s pretty comfortable, as i’ve proven to myself several times previously when i was simply too tired to climb those 5 steps to the bedroom. For once i took a vacation from taking photos of everything the entire visit; with Mom and Danielle both packing around digicams now there was no shortage of freeze-framing and silly group poses. Danielle is processing through her shots on her flight this afternoon, and so will probably have some posted by early next week. Although Dad and i didn’t get the foglight rewiring done on Mom’s Audi we wanted to, i did get his garage computer finally working properly, and we made it to Harbor Freight where even Mom found things she shouldn’t live without (like a rock tumbler she can use to make jewerly).

I’m headed to Van on sunday for a Datsun/Nissan show, so i’ll probably have a few pictures from that to post up next week. The only picture of my own i have today is an amusing out-the-window shot of a Burger King sign i saw in Renton last weekend, finally revealing what is *really* in a whopper. I do have some other nice things for you to click on, though. Like this gallery of images from La Tomatina, an annual festival in Buol, Spain that involves a giant, one-hour tomato fight on the last day of august. Also, some great b/w photos of Germany circa 1929 that showcase the fairy tale beauty of Deutschland and include some places – Partenkirchen, the Zugspitze, Hohenschwangau – that i remember followed up by a drastic gear-change to some aerial photography of post-WWII-bombing Germany. Click around those a bit and feel all worldly and historical and stuff while i struggle through what will certainly be a never-ending day of dreariness (both inside the window and out).