A big happy birthday to my favorite sassy redhead, Hillary! Sorry about the chocolate, kid; next time i’ll find something that’s more “you.” 🙂

Today is “free first thursday” at the SAM so i’m taking advantage and meeting Julia, Steph and a few other friends down there after work tonite. I’m all about appreciating creativity and being inspired by works of art when it doesn’t cost me anything… 😉

Heard from Haley J today, her new little girl is healthy and happy and Haley is happily resigning from her job adjusting insurance claims to spend time at home with Joy Lindsay. She’s going to be a great mom! Congrats to Haley and her husband on starting their new family!

Speaking of starting families, it seems everyone i know is doing just that. Steph says i’ve hit “that age” where all your friends get married and stop hanging out with you and all their other single friends.

  • Tim E told me he’s engaged – big congrats to him! He sounds quite happy and hopefully will move a little closer to me so i can see him more. Looking forward to a nice party in Kalispell this summer for his wedding.
  • Going around the room… Dave A is soon to be hitched, as well – best wishes, buddy! Again, a good friend who seems to have found someone that makes him happy – so i’m happy for him! (And maybe a little bit jealous).
  • Ian and Jenn’s wedding is coming up in just a little over a month (might wanna get those invites out, kids! 😉 Looking forward to a nice weekend getting a tan in Phoenix for that one.
  • Cory R – i wondered what this guy had been up to! – is scheduled to begin wedded bliss this July, as well. Congrats, Cory!

Have a few other friends with big plans in this area but i’ve been sworn to secrecy until they have a chance to propose… but seriously, they’re all around me, and i’m sooo not even close!

Hopefully this weekend the guys and I will be pulling the old motor out of the Z, so if anyone wants to come be an extra pair of hands, we could sure use the help! And i should have some dramatic pix for ya next week… 😉