It’s my first day back at work after 5 days at home, recovering from a minor surgery. I had a cyst removed from my lower back on friday, and despite the painkillers it still hurts to walk, lean over, and especially sit down. Driving to work this morning was pretty unpleasant and i’m not looking forward to the return trip, but being at work – standing at my tall desk – is not too bad. If I could get to work without walking or sitting I’d be set, although I’d still rather be at home on the sofa.

I’ve been very blessed the last few days, though, despite my need for a thrice-daily percocet. My mom stayed in town an extra week after my parents’ weekend visit to see me thru the experience, ignoring my protests that it wasn’t necessary. She was at her supportive, nurturing best all weekend, even down to planning leftover meals to see me thru my days