junk food

Belated St Paddys

Well, it’s a little after one and guess who just got out of bed? I’ll give you a hint… he’s taller than Tom Cruise, less annoying the Gilbert Gottfried, and blacker than Michael Jackson… okay, i give. It’s me. Anyway, i missed like 8 phone calls while i was sleeping, apologies to whoever that was. Gabe i know one of those was you – sorry man! you call at weird times! 😉

Kim is getting some mountain time, as the slopes close next weekend. Dunno where Josh is (it was Kim’s week to watch him, i swear!). So i’m home alone [scream and pinch face in hands] and there’s no one here to tell me i shouldn’t have a coke and two lemon zingers for breakfast…

Tonite is st paddy’s day with Lexie, Hillary and Molly. Now, i know what you’re thinking… ‘wasn’t st patrick’s day last month?’ Well, you’re correct there, but Lulu had the nerve to be deathly sick that day and missed all the fun, so we’re holding a rerun at kell’s (irish pub in post alley). Molly of course has ground rules, involving who gets to kiss who depending on what color they’re wearing and who she thinks looks the hottest in green. I read the rules twice, and i haven’t decided if i’m better off to be wearing or not wearing green… i think i might wear something green that’s not obvious so i can whip it out should it become advantageous. Either way, i expect to be there until well after closing time, just as i have every other time i’ve accompanied ‘the three vodkasteers’ to kell’s. 😉 And i expect it should be a wild time, as always. Anyone who’s bored tonite or isn’t feeling lucky lately, come join us in toasting Lulu! Slinte!

A great half-a-Saturday

Yesterday was a totally great day – well, at least the part after 2pm. Since i was sentenced with saturday duty, i was up early. but the day went uphill from there. I met Christian, Joe, Steph, Carrie and Poppy for a trip to the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery – a nice little tour, some free sampling, and then we picked up cheese, chocolate and (of course!) wine for a picnic on the estate lawn. Most excellent. From there it was across the street to the Red Hook brewery for a pint and a cheeseburger, then up the street to DQ for dessert. So pretty much a day of monstrously indulgent dining pleasure, and an overall experience that i highly recommend.

Having lunch with Lindsay and Adam today – haven’t seen them in a while – actually, i haven’t seen Adam since the superbowl – so that will be good. Right now, Christian and i are watching taped TV from last week and lamenting the dreary weather and the lack of new Leap of Faith episodes.