It’s a good thing there’s jazz and jello, or i’d be tempted to be in a bad mood today. Don’t get me wrong, most of the day was great. I met Cara from Loyola for lunch – it was a perfect day for clam chowder on the peir, what with the wind blowing thru the city streets and the clouds threatening to rain all day. We caught up and talked shop a bit, i hadn’t seen her since a chance meeting at a madison park starbucks. And most of the day at work was pretty pleasant, visiting with my office staff and appreciating the Max’s efficient heater (and lamenting that i took the good windshield wiper blades off!).

Stupid micro$oft had to go and ruin my day, tho, with their lousy software. As if the last time wasn’t fun enough, there’s another security hole, another patch, and another headache for everyone in my line of work. In an effort to avoid the madness that ensued last time, we’re actually applying the fix before a new virus is released exploiting it (i know – a proactive IT dept, wonders never cease). Kevin asked me to update my 12 corporate office servers at minimum, but as i’m not interested in any more chaos i voluntarily bumped that goal to include all 120-ish machines in my offices. Now i know what you’re thinking – how can i complain about work i’ve piled on myself? Well let’s just remember that this is the sort of work that shouldn’t have to be done if things were done right in the first place. Or if john l scott had some sort of update procedure or plan for this sort of thing, but now i’m just daydreaming… Anyway, so i have two laptops spread across the kitchen table (my work one, which is a junky dell with a demon-possessed trackpad, and the lovely powerbook i’m using to talk at you all), some good techno mixes on shuffle, and i’m logging into a zillion stupid windows computers all over the state to give them their stupid update since stupid micro$oft can’t get their code right the first time. I’d also like to point out that while there have been over 50,000 worms and viruses for windoze and dos, only about 40 known such viruses exist for MacOS, and most of those are for the pre-OSX systems. Expert programmers have been launching heavy artillery against BSD for years and have made it a rock-solid core for MacOSX. I don’t even have virus software on this powerbook, and never have – eat that micro$oft!

Okay, i’m done ranting. The point is, i’m listening to some nice jazz now, and eating the last bit of jello and cool whip (isn’t cool whip great?) that Mom made while she was here, and slowly but surely feeling much better about everything.