I’ve always liked the James Bond series, which i think makes me pretty much a normal western male. How anyone – in my demographic or otherwise – could not get a huge kick out of the fast cars, impossible gadgets, insane locations and beautiful women that Fleming’s character has defined the superspy-movie genre with is beyond me. The dry one-liners, the martinis… all of it such good fun. Some people gripe about some of the past Bond actors, but i honestly see merit in all of them and their own unique approach to the character.

Until now. This Daniel Craig guy, i’m not so sure about. To be brutal, he doesn’t look the part; not nearly suave enough. I can’t buy him seducing every woman in a 25ft radius with only a smile. And now i find out he can’t even drive stick. Soooo not bonus point for him.

I don’t think i’m looking forward to Casino Royale. A shame, to be sure, because i’ve previously never met a Bond movie i didn’t like.