Belated St Paddys

Well, it’s a little after one and guess who just got out of bed? I’ll give you a hint… he’s taller than Tom Cruise, less annoying the Gilbert Gottfried, and blacker than Michael Jackson… okay, i give. It’s me. Anyway, i missed like 8 phone calls while i was sleeping, apologies to whoever that was. Gabe i know one of those was you – sorry man! you call at weird times! 😉

Kim is getting some mountain time, as the slopes close next weekend. Dunno where Josh is (it was Kim’s week to watch him, i swear!). So i’m home alone [scream and pinch face in hands] and there’s no one here to tell me i shouldn’t have a coke and two lemon zingers for breakfast…

Tonite is st paddy’s day with Lexie, Hillary and Molly. Now, i know what you’re thinking… ‘wasn’t st patrick’s day last month?’ Well, you’re correct there, but Lulu had the nerve to be deathly sick that day and missed all the fun, so we’re holding a rerun at kell’s (irish pub in post alley). Molly of course has ground rules, involving who gets to kiss who depending on what color they’re wearing and who she thinks looks the hottest in green. I read the rules twice, and i haven’t decided if i’m better off to be wearing or not wearing green… i think i might wear something green that’s not obvious so i can whip it out should it become advantageous. Either way, i expect to be there until well after closing time, just as i have every other time i’ve accompanied ‘the three vodkasteers’ to kell’s. 😉 And i expect it should be a wild time, as always. Anyone who’s bored tonite or isn’t feeling lucky lately, come join us in toasting Lulu! Slinte!

Irish Monday Madness

Happy st paddy’s day out there! Being not irish myself, i chose not to drink myself into oblivion today, although i did meet Patrick for a decidedly non-green pint and a happy hour burger at Canyons. I was in the bothell office for the afternoon, right in his neighborhood, and his last final of the semester was today, seemed a fitting time for a little celebration. Speaking of celebration (and beer!) Kim’s last day of work is tomorrow, before she starts her new job at Argosy Cruises. Also being $2 pint tuesday at the Pyramid alehouse seemed too coincidental to pass up, so that’s where we’ll be after work!

Sitting at home now, listening to ‘monday madness’ on C89 and making fun of Clint on the web forums. 😉 Oh, and eating girl scout thin mints. I prefer the coconut-y ones (samoas?) but after helping my houseguests finish off all three of Josh’s boxes last week, i bought him another box sunday and i’m not touching it!

It was sunny and incredible today – Danielle and Miguel missed all the good weather by a week! – and i took advantage of that and a slow day at work to cruise Lake City Wy from the U district up to bothell, along lake washington. Other than a few snobby luxury car drivers, everyone seems in a good mood today out there in the emerald city, likely on account of the weather. Either that, or because the UW girls’ track team was running around campus today… or maybe i was the only one who followed them for 3 blocks? 😉 Only real downer was blowing 22 bucks on a part for my car after venturing halfway to Canada in search of campbell-nelson Nissan. But at least my new ‘Hella’ horns totally rock, and i got to wash the Max on friday nite, and it’s still pretty clean today. That, and i still totally love driving it more every day, even on this, our 3-year anniversary together (Yes, that’s right! Already!). So, no complaints! 😀

Back home on the grid

I’m back in Seattle, after a great week at home in MT. It’s nice to get back, and unpack, and have a fast net connection again (you can see where my priorities are 😉 I’ll try and get a few new pics posted this week, and give you a run-down, but tonight this will have to suffice. Sahright.

Oh, almost forgot, happy St. Paddy’s day. An irish toast for you all, courtesy of Jim:

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles,
So we’ll know them by their limping.