Determined yet with low expectations

Another week gone by and me without a post! I’m terrible… That’s not all i’m terrible at, either – i forgot to buy a lotto ticket again this week. Guess i need an investing strategy that’s more automatic…

So it’s saturday morning, and i’m lying on the couch listening to Christmas music and surfing the web. The coffee’s brewing, and as soon as it’s done and i’ve had a cup or two, i’ll have the energy to get off the couch and start packing to drive to canada for the weekend. Headed up there for a regional car show, in which a few of my friends are entered. That, and to party and hang out in vancouver! I really am excited for the trip, but i just haven’t had my coffee yet so i’m not real jacked about packing… or about getting off the couch…

Had a good long chat with Robin last night, we’re both kind of all over the place lately, but we’re going to try and cross paths more often. While i’m driving to canada today, she’s driving to portland – kind of symbolic, huh? But she’s been a great friend, and i’m not about to lose track of her over something as silly as scheduling. Plus i already have her Christmas gift… 😀

Well, coffee’s done perc’ing, so i guess i better go have breakfast and start packing. I’ll take as many pix as possible of my international adventure for all you domestic types – although i’m thinking most of the digicam’s memory will be filled with pix of cars. 😉 Regardless, i’ll let you all know how the trip goes when i get back on sunday!

In career news, i’ve officially given up on the bellevue club and their disorganized hiring process. The person who interviewed me is now on pregnancy leave, and no one knows who’s doing her job while she’s gone, and i pretty much seem to have fallen thru the cracks. Not a big deal, there are plenty of part time jobs out there. This one was just easy cause i already knew what the deal was. So now i’m waiting until after new years, enjoying my holidays (in a very low-budget way) and will look for something else come the first of the year. So now i get a vacation for a month or so! Kinda disturbing, that i think of working 50 hours a week as “having a vacation”…

I can quit anytime I want – really!

So, what’s the big news today? Well, i quit working at thriftway today. It wasn’t a bad job, and the extra money was nice, but it was just keeping me up too late on weeknights and causing more stress than the money was worth. And i think it was going to get worse before it got better, with the busy holiday season coming up and everything. And besides, that’s part of having a second job – if it isn’t working out, you have the luxury to leave and find something else, since it isn’t your livelihood. I still work tomorrow night, a 6 hour shift until midnight (ugh!) but at least it’s the last one! My coworkers are very good people and i do feel bad, but most of them want more hours than they get anyway, so they should be happy. I know my last post says it was going okay (but that was like a week ago!), and i actually only worked two shifts last week, but after working until midnight sunday nite and then trying to go to work monday morning… let’s just say i had a red bull with breakfast, a triple-shot mocha mid-morning, and a large dr pepper at lunch, and i was still completely wiped out with no sign of recovery. I can’t let my days at john l scott suffer that much. Plus i can’t afford to buy coffee that often! 😀 So i might end up doing something else, but nothing that keeps me working that late on weekday nites, or that is so chaotic and stressful (and requires me to memorize produce codes – augh!). Maybe that was it – the produce code quiz sunday nite just pushed me over the edge 🙂 Maybe in some way, too, after all the jobs that turned me down and all the interviews that were dead ends in the past year, i needed to do this once. To walk into someplace that wasn’t necessarily hiring, ask for job, ace an interview and get hired, work for a bit and decide they weren’t right for me and resign. To turn the tables for once, and reject an employer, for all the times i was rejected. I think it’s good for my fragile career-ego to know that there’s at least one job out there that i could have but don’t because of my choice, not theirs. So maybe i am in control of my own destiny, or if not in control at least taking an active role in looking out the window as life’s highway flys by. Either way, it felt really good and tomorrow nite’s going to be the longest 6 hours ever!

Employed for real!

Mark this day on your calendars, folks.

I got a job!

I start at John L Scott Real Estate, 2 weeks from tomorrow (August 5th), as a Field Service Technician, basically traveling tech support for their offices around the city. Caleb referred me to them with good things to say, and i liked what i saw at the interview and they called me out of the blue today, and i’m still completely freaking out so my grammar’s not the best. Wah hoo! I’m actually going to be using that expensive degree, and building a career, and learning stuff, and not hating my job, and working in my field, and it’s gonna be great! And i actually get holidays off – how sweet will that be! OH, and did i mention that it’s more money than i’m making now? And the commute’s half as long? Do i need to continue here? Can you tell i’m freaking out? Is it obvious? Waaaaahh!

Professional interviewer – inquire within

Well, another week almost over. Had an excellent weekend with Lance in town – did all sorts of random fun things. Caleb got us into Last Supper Club (an uber-trendy dance club, for you non-locals) friday nite, and we also caught a 3-d movie at the Pac. Sci. Center about the space station (super-neato), spent some time on the beach, met Skyla for coffee and then for drinks in her ‘hood Queen Anne, and various other random things to give Lance a taste of the city. Now it’s back to the grind, back to being depressed about my meaningless existence, and back to getting told “no” by prospective employers. As recently as yesterday, actually – guess i’m not going to be working at John L Scott any time soon. Never mind that i came into the interview on 24 hrs notice, that i ran all over their office for their little interview-scavenger-hunt game, that i studied for it and was more excited about and interested in the position than any of the other doldrum candidates that were there; i suppose all i deserved for my effort was two sentences of a tersely-worded email informing me that my “skills and qualifications” were not what they’re “looking for.” Thanks a bunch, appreciate your professionalism. BTW, Caleb, i don’t hold it against you – i appreciate the chance to try, results notwithstanding. Maybe one of these times i’ll actually get the job. Heh – now *that’s* funny.

Who trusts stock brokers anyway?

Dude, it’s been awhile!

Got an email from Christian today, have his Germany address. If ya want it, drop me a line, i’ll hook ya up, yo. Working is sucking, as usual. The stupid mainframe is down today, preventing me from doing any actual work. So i’m torn between rejoicing that i don’t have to be working this &*#$% job, and lamenting that i’m sitting at this stupid desk and can’t even be accomplishing anything. Also, i know that as soon as it starts to work (whatever week that is) i’m going to have all this junk to catch up on. Truly a bittersweet pleasure.

Danielle quit her job friday, so we had a nice weekend of pretending we both were unemployed. Ah, if only i could get laid off, so i could collect unemployment and be truly happy, at least for a few months. But no chance of that; allstate’s stock keeps creeping up. Stupid stock market. Insurance is a scam! Don’t invest in it! Anyway, she has some prospects to check into this week; the other place was being totally heinous about her schedule, and her boss that seemed so nice in the interview turned into a total troll, and she just didn’t need that. Also, i went to a fun(ny?) interview thursday, for a beat-the-streets sales job. They beguiled us with a line about being “talent scouts” for models and actors, and spent the better part of a day splashing glossy, smiling photos on the projector and dropping celebrity names. In the end, though, it’s just a sales rep. job, with a decent base salary and good commissions, and a product that rides the fence between good deal and super-scam. So i told them no thanks, i’ll keep my ridiculous job with its nonflexible hours, stagnant wage, asinine policies, and questionable moral practices. Wait a minute, what was i thinking!?! No, seriously, i don’t wanna run all over the city trying to trick people into giving me money for a product of uncertain consequence. So i guess that means i’m still on the job hunt. Yeah, like, what else is new.

A pretty great birthday, overall

I had a great birthday, despite being (still) without a new job – you can call me any day now, Elray! 😉 Breakfast at IHOP with the guys, an afternoon on the beach with Christian (we both came home a little bit tan – i have lovely sunglasses lines on my temples), and a great dinner at “che Carrie” including two (!) kinds of pie. For those not in Seattle this weekend, it was a sunny, bright, warm, incredible day and a very good day for a birthday. Today is looking equally beautiful, and a week from tomorrow i’m going home! And Elray is going to call me this week and offer me a job! Right? K?

Another day, another interview – maybe this is the one?

C a r e e r   u p d a t e:
Just had a phone interview with Elray from Microsoft. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Since my birthday is this week, and Robin’s was last week, and since the Mariners are playing a team they’re likely to beat – Anaheim, Robin and i are going to the game tonight for our birthdays. Nobody else wanted to go, plus we accidentally bought the tickets while we were price shopping last week (oops!). I’m bringing the camera this time, so hopefully i’ll have some nice pix to share of the view from the cheap seats. And i do have other pix to upload from some recent stuff (including the winery in the last post) but i just haven’t had a chance yet. Since i’ve got tomorrow off work, though, maybe i can get that done (my recompense for having to work saturday). No guarantees, tho – i plan to sleep in for at least half the day, and wash my car the other half. But i’ll see what i can do for ya…

I’ve been reduced to taking the government’s advice.

You all missed a great dinner last nite – Christian made lasagna, we opened a couple bottles of wine, and had a small mob over for a pleasant evening of fine dining, specifically Carrie, Robin, Jason, Julia, Annie, Christian, Josh and myself. It had been awhile since we were all in the same place, and it was nice to catch up a bit. Of course at some point it all degrades to trading stories about MT and playing the do-you-know? game, but at least for a while we had some dinner conversation…

Meeting with a career counselor f/ the state employment agency tomorrow, will let you know how that goes. Also found a few more things on the web this week, job-wise, that i’m applying for. Cause i just don’t get enough rejection already, so i’ve got to seek out more.

Also, it rained today.

Is it so much to ask just to have a good day? I mean really, just one? Anyway, i lost a chance at another job today. The Quellos Group called me back today, after scheduling me yesterday for a second interview, to say, “oh, nevermind. we hired somebody today.” So much for that. Oh, well, who really wanted to work on the top floor of the nicest building downtown, for a good salary in a fast-growing company, doing database management? I mean, how lame would that have been? (sniff) On the upside, Christian found a job in the paper for me as a secretary downtown that pays more than i’m making now. Wait, are we sure that’s good news? Oh, and our landlord’s expressing his objections to Christian staying with us this long. Neat. And i get to carry the allstate pager next week and be their pawn 24-7. Fun. And i still don’t have a real job. Fantastic. I’d say, “what else could suck about this week?” but I don’t want the fates to hear me…

Losing jobs, losing sleep

Sorry i’ve totally left you all hanging as of late. Not a great deal to report, i guess. Either that, or i’ve got to start doing this from home at 3 in the morning when i’m wide awake and funny, instead of from work after lunch when i’m tired, depressed and apathetic.

I did have a really great weekend, despite my lackluster verbalizing ability this monday following. Spent saturday afternoon helping Steph move into a great new apartment, which mostly involved helping Kristin and Joe tease Steph, and helping Joe drive a really, really large moving truck thru downtown and on the freeway. Also, we moved some furniture and stuff. Then saturday evening Libby and i hung out on Queen Anne, where she introduced me to my new favorite coffee house, “El Diablo Coffee Co.” Saturday was a completely gorgeous day, sunny and awesome. I probably could have gotten a tan, but then i’d look out of place in Seattle, wouldn’t i? Sunday Sara and Paul came thru town, so i met them at the train station (after some minor parking fiascos – union station garage is NOT very well labeled!) and we spent the day touring the city. Lunch on Alki, coffee at El Diablo (of course) and a walk thru Queen Anne down to Kerry park. Also, a trip up the Needle (i’m thinking i might get an annual pass – i’m up there all the time) and then a great dinner of fresh seafood at our house with a small assortment of friends. Dropped them off at the airport last night – they should be getting home to NH sometime today – and then went home and stayed up until 2.30 watching tv and pretending i didn’t have to work in the morning. I’m a very good pretender; unfortunately, however, the alarm clock is a staunch realist. So here i am, pretending to work while staring at my cell phone, daring it to ring. C’mon! Just call and offer me a job, already!

Speaking of that, the contract gig fell through. Gee, what a surprise. Maybe i don’t interview well or something. Actually, this one never got that far. We decided over the phone that i couldn’t devote the time he needed (due to allstate) and he couldn’t give me a computer to do it on (he wanted me to use a win2k machine – where am i gonna get one of those?). So, it’s probably for the better – i wouldn’t have been able to do as good a job as i would have liked. But it still sucks to lose YET ANOTHER job. Although i’m getting pretty good at that, too.