Starting to feel whole again

Wow, i was so good there for awhile, posting every day, and lately it’s all i can do to get in here every week. Guess maybe now that i’m not sitting around all day at work staring at a computer wishing i was somewhere else and trying to avoid doing any work, i don’t spend as much time updating. 😉

I actually got the Max back Thursday (last nite). It’s great to have it back, and the front end looks flawless. Sonic Collision did an excellent job, i would highly recommend them to anyone, while at the same time i hope none of you ever need their services… Safeco, however, i’m not nearly as impressed with. After promising that my rental car was covered, they pulled the rug out from under me and only paid for 200 bucks of it, leaving the other 400+ to me. And then enterprise billed it to my card without calling to check first, and of course that card didn’t have 400 on it, so now it’s over the limit – i would have given them a different one had they actually checked with me. So as if i wasn’t broke enough already, now discover card wants my head on a platter. Mom’s right – i am going to have ulcers by the time i’m 30. And in case you hadn’t noticed (or maybe it’s back by now) the quotes on the front page are unavailable, because my sql server is down. I swear, nothing works like it’s supposed to this week.

In the non-sucky category, my work at week (hmmm – i’m gonna leave that typo for ya) was fun and went by quickly. This guy at work, DJ, and i have been talking cars and techno, in between when we kinda work and stuff, and i’ve been busy running around the city and getting a feel for this new job. I put almost 800 miles on the rented blazer in a week, and i was really only driving where i needed to go, it’s not like i was cruising in it or anything. Speaking of mileage, the Max rolled over to 47k as i was coming home from the auto body shop thursday nite. Yikes!

So, i really need something fun and stress-free and really really cheap to do. Anyone in the area wanna come entertain me? 😀 I “get” to help Robin & Carrie move tomorrow, then sunday is Maxima-day over at Joe’s (thanx, buddy!), doing some brake work and maybe a coat of wax on that new paint, before i park downtown and the pidgeons dive-bomb it. Somewhere in there, too, i need to sell everything i’m not using or that i think i can live without on ebay and send the money to the evil trolls at discover card…

Who trusts stock brokers anyway?

Dude, it’s been awhile!

Got an email from Christian today, have his Germany address. If ya want it, drop me a line, i’ll hook ya up, yo. Working is sucking, as usual. The stupid mainframe is down today, preventing me from doing any actual work. So i’m torn between rejoicing that i don’t have to be working this &*#$% job, and lamenting that i’m sitting at this stupid desk and can’t even be accomplishing anything. Also, i know that as soon as it starts to work (whatever week that is) i’m going to have all this junk to catch up on. Truly a bittersweet pleasure.

Danielle quit her job friday, so we had a nice weekend of pretending we both were unemployed. Ah, if only i could get laid off, so i could collect unemployment and be truly happy, at least for a few months. But no chance of that; allstate’s stock keeps creeping up. Stupid stock market. Insurance is a scam! Don’t invest in it! Anyway, she has some prospects to check into this week; the other place was being totally heinous about her schedule, and her boss that seemed so nice in the interview turned into a total troll, and she just didn’t need that. Also, i went to a fun(ny?) interview thursday, for a beat-the-streets sales job. They beguiled us with a line about being “talent scouts” for models and actors, and spent the better part of a day splashing glossy, smiling photos on the projector and dropping celebrity names. In the end, though, it’s just a sales rep. job, with a decent base salary and good commissions, and a product that rides the fence between good deal and super-scam. So i told them no thanks, i’ll keep my ridiculous job with its nonflexible hours, stagnant wage, asinine policies, and questionable moral practices. Wait a minute, what was i thinking!?! No, seriously, i don’t wanna run all over the city trying to trick people into giving me money for a product of uncertain consequence. So i guess that means i’m still on the job hunt. Yeah, like, what else is new.