Dog birthdays, soccer and disturbingly-realistic stuffed kittens

Quite an interesting sunday – spent the day with Hillary! Kristen held a bbq in honor of her dog Kona’s birthday (yes, ok, Kristen’s a little weird, we’re all ok with it 🙂 so Hilly and i jetted up to mill creek. Officially we were there to watch Kona open his birthday presents (almost all of which were things he could chew on), but i think i speak for both Hillary and myself when i say we were really there for the food and the beer. Kristen throws a killer party, and it was great to finally meet a bunch of the people she’s always talking about! Part of the festivities included watching the video from their trip to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the gorge – which was extremely funny. After that, it was down to seattle center for a Sounders game (that’s soccer) with Molly and Lexie – me and the fab 3 – talk about your great dates! 😉 However, not before Hilly and i rolled the windows down and sang as loud as we could with our hands out the windows all the way down the freeway. Oh, Pepe came along, too, in Molly’s purse (pronounced Pay-pay). Pepe is a disturbingly-realistic kitten Molly bought at the puyallup fair, which she keeps in a sandwich baggie and carries with her everywhere. And which she talks to, and introduces everyone to, even people in bars and her coworkers. Hmmm, kind of makes Molly sound crazy, doesn’t it? Well, we’ll just go with that (sorry, MollyMolly, but the public has a right to know). So the Sounders lost to Vancouver (BC), but we did get to see lots of weird canadians chanting strange soccer chants, and a lot of dramatic head-butting. Afterwards, Pepe was really in the mood for a margarita, so it was off to Peso’s for drinks, where one entire side of the restaurant was treated to our perpetual laughing, screaming, pointing, and games of “hide Pepe.” Most of the Pepe-hiding was done by Joshua, who joined us there. Quite a few of the bar patrons were priveledged enough to meet Pepe, as well, and were thereafter understandably concerned for our mental health.

So, if it wasn’t obvious, i had a great time – i can’t remember the last time i laughed for 12 hours straight. I’m going to have abs of steel! Thanks for dragging me along, Hilly! And now, it’s 3pm, and i should really walk down the hall and see if Pepe has awakened from her nap yet…

On an unrelated note, i ate half the box of “men’s pocky” on saturday while i was paying bills. It didn’t help me to have any more money, but it definitely made bill-paying more enjoyable, in as much as it distracted me from the actual paying of the bills. They’re really more like chocolate-dipped pretzels, but not salty, or something. Good. And i still don’t know what’s “men’s” about them. I think women would like them ok. Too weird.

Moving is the stuff insanity is made of

Augh! Moving sucks! Danielle and i have starred in a tragic comedy this week and there’s still a couple acts to go before curtain call. From scheduling problems to surprise building policies to driving a huge deisel u-haul truck through Seattle to sleeping on the floor in our clothes because everything was packed, we have really been through the ringer this week. I’m very lucky to have such a loyal little sister, who puts up with me during my daily nervous breakdowns. I definitely couldn’t have gotten this far without her. We still have a few carloads to move, and a couch (Jason !?!?!) and then we can start opening the boxes… Phone doesn’t work yet, mail isn’t forwarding yet, internet is hooked up but doesn’t work, can’t find my digital camera (actually, i know where it is, just can’t get to it) so i haven’t bothered to send anyone any new info or take pictures or anything. Just call my cell if you’re looking for me, and don’t be surprised if i sound like a crazy person.