It’s officially mine and I’ve begun to pile my boxed possessions in every room, making my apartment slowly seem larger and my new condo’s “giant” rooms slowly shrink to average size. Dave was a huge help last night, running loads of belongings and keeping me motivated, amidst various pauses to discuss all the things I could remodel. Not that I need a longer remodel list – it’s already getting out of control. There are so many small projects that will make the place nicer, more modern and more mine but I need to focus on moving and cleaning right now and save the fun stuff for at least January.

That’s not going to be as easy as it sounds. There are some urgent redecorating items that will be staring me right in the face every day until i address them. For example, when I saw the place with Gloria a few weeks ago there was still some furniture littered about – a hutch in the dining room, a low cabinet along one wall, a giant mirror above the fireplace. When I walked in Thursday night with my newly-acquired keys to survey my new kingdom, I found the furniture is gone and the true nature of the beast is revealed.

Apparently the kind of people that would paint a whole floor in homage to Princess Peach – including the wood trim, the beams in the ceiling, the doors, the outlets, the plant hooks – people so into peach that they’d cover every paintable surface with three layers of latex peachiness, are the kind of people that also don’t move the furniture away from the walls when they paint.



As if the peach wasn’t ghastly enough, now I get to stare at the brown hole above the fireplace every time I look around. We’ll definitely be having a painting party sometime in January.