Superman, the couch potato

It’s my first day back at work after 5 days at home, recovering from a minor surgery. I had a cyst removed from my lower back on friday, and despite the painkillers it still hurts to walk, lean over, and especially sit down. Driving to work this morning was pretty unpleasant and i’m not looking forward to the return trip, but being at work – standing at my tall desk – is not too bad. If I could get to work without walking or sitting I’d be set, although I’d still rather be at home on the sofa.

I’ve been very blessed the last few days, though, despite my need for a thrice-daily percocet. My mom stayed in town an extra week after my parents’ weekend visit to see me thru the experience, ignoring my protests that it wasn’t necessary. She was at her supportive, nurturing best all weekend, even down to planning leftover meals to see me thru my days

Back in the Black (Maxima)

Boy, that last post was a little loopy, wasn’t it? I was smoking something cheap that day… Actually, i suppose it was the nitrous wearing off. The kind you breathe, that is, not the kind you have a tank of in the car. 🙂

Had a great weekend, spend saturday working on my car with Jason, Patrick, Forrest and John down at Jason’s parents’ house in northern oregon. Okay, it’s just the extreme south end of puyallup, but still pretty far down there. I didn’t have a lot of work to do on my car, since i don’t have a lot of extra parts money right now (okay, none. zip. zero. zilch.) so i just painted some brackets, and rewired some lights, and misc stuff like that. I kinda ran around and watched Patrick and John paint their brake calipers, but mostly just carried tools around and cracked jokes. Go with what you’re good at, right? Oh, and i finally figured out how to get to my other three spark plugs 🙂 (thanks, Jason!) and pulled them, and they look just as ok as the first 3. Which is good, cause that means my engine is ok, too. To match my more-than-ok new rear bumper, which looks great! And the guy even finally broke down and actually paid for the repair, since his son was at fault and everything, i didn’t think that was such an incredible demand. Long story short, it’s fixed, i’m happy, and it didn’t cost me a dime. And Cameron at sonic collision is a hero on the scale of Spiderman. Okay, maybe not Spiderman (cause i think Cameron still has to walk to get places) but at least maybe the Green Lantern. Um, yeah. So anyway, finishing out the weekend… sunday Patrick and i cruised the seattle auto show downtown, drooling over all the beautiful new four-wheeled things and laughing at some of the really hideous ones (like the pt cruiser with woodgrain panels – augh!). Btw, if you’ve been looking for car pics in the photos section and can’t find them, it’s cause i moved them. Yes, just to confuse you (bwah ha ha ha!). Check out http://maxima.schuss.net for any maxima-related stuff. For now, it’s just a separate photo gallery, but eventually i’ll get a full-blown maxima site up there. I already have the soundtrack picked out, but that’s about as far as i’ve gotten on the design work… 😀 It is still linked off the site, but look under “features” for the link.

Oh, and this is the 5th week in a row that i haven’t won the mega millions lottery, although i did fail to purchase a ticket one of those weeks. So far, my investment strategy isn’t paying off. But i do get a fleeting moment of hope every week when i get that text message on my phone with the winning numbers in it. Cause one of these times, it could be me. And that brief ray of hope, no matter how ridiculous it may be, is worth the buck.

Just a quick late-nite update. I finished uploading the photos of the car show. They’re ready for your viewing pleasure. I was kind of goofy when i wrote some of the captions…