Officially my last post for the year – already! 2k2 sure has flown past me like so many maniac drivers on the rainy freeway. I’m only working a half day today, thankfully, as my brain’s still kind of mush from a week of vacation. I made it back ok on saturday (obviously) and went straight downtown with Gabe, to wallow in city life after my extended urban deprivation. Sunday was pretty much unpacking, cleaning the place, and sleeping in. Oh, and i played Vice City for a few hours (thanx for the game, Danielle!). Monday it was back to work. I figured it would be rougher, but it was actually a pretty light day, and it was good to see all my coworkers again. I did have a very difficult time getting out of bed… it was worth it, though, to get back behind the wheel of the Max again. I really missed it!

The Benjamins had me over for dinner last night, for excellent homemade meatloaf – thanx, guys! And dessert at applebees with Nicole and the Benjamins was great, too. Heh, Nicole and the Benjamins – that’d be a good name for a band. Gabe and i stayed up late watching ski porn (that’s skiing movies, Mom, everyone’s wearing lots of clothes) – it’s a good thing he’s only here for a month, cause eventually i’m going to need to catch up on some sleep. 😉

So tonight’s new year’s eve. Hope you all have big exciting plans and have a blast. I haven’t talked to Libby yet, but we’re both trying to keep the holiday as low-key and low-cost as possible, so ours will probably involve microwave popcorn, Dick Clark, and a park with a view of downtown. 😀

A great deal has happened to me in the last year, and i’ve learned a ton about myself, about being a “grown-up”, and all that rot. I’ve come to some realizations about my friends, and what i expect out of a friendship; what things i can live with and what things i’m not willing to, the differences between “know”, “like”, and “respect.” My big new year’s resolution for 2k3 is to waste less of my time. Whether it’s mindless channel surfing on saturday morning, stressing about things that may never happen, waiting for someone else to solve my problems, or the evil-yet-so-lovely-yet-so-evil 9 minutes of snooze, the next 12 months is my chance to do something valuable with my time and make a difference for myself and for my small slice of the world. I’m expecting you all to hold me to that. Be advised, however, that i’m a very dedicated rationalizer and can likely argue the “value” of anything, no matter how trivial… so keeping me on task may not be a pleasure cruise. 🙂 Oh, and new year’s resolution number two: spend less, make more.