You have until 6pm today to get your free 20oz Dr. Pepper in one of the weirdest promotions I can think of. Apparently the Doc himself is a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses (go fig). I’m not sure if it was meant to motivate the band to finally finish their latest album, get fans excited about the release early, or just milk that GNR fame to push a little sugarwater, but the Dr. Pepper folks promised a free 20oz bottle for everyone in America when the latest GNR album, “Chinese Democracy”, finally hit the shelves. Is that the most illogical-yet-fantastic product tie-in ever, or what?

That was back in March, and the album is burned, boxed and stamped, headed to record stores everywhere for a sunday release, so click here to get your prescription straight from the Doctor!

Thanks to Bargainist for the word.