… would be a great name for a band. But i digress. Danielle and i made cupcake monsters for halloween last week (was it only last week?) and they were so hilariously funny that we laughed together the entire time and i bugged her all week for the pictures so i could post them and laugh about it again, in retrospect. She needed something edible and halloween-themed to bring to work, and we felt very Martha Stewart making ugly faces out of marshmallows and rope licorice – the old Martha Stewart, in her pre-orange-jumpsuit days. These days she probably doesn’t make cupcake monsters, as their grimacing faces probably remind her too much of her former cellmates.

On the subject of monsters, my friend (and former coworker) Christi left the company a few weeks ago to pursue full-time monsterdom from the comfort of her own home. She brings fuzzy monsters to life that, while not as edible as a cupcake monster, seem to be equally well received by all, enough so that she was able to break free of corporate america’s shackles by riding the magic carpet of entrepreneurialism into another dimension, a dimension where you can work all day in your bathrobe and drink milk straight from the carton. Yes, she’s self-employed now, and a one-woman monster factory, and i’m crazy impressed by her ambition and happy for her that it’s working out so well. She’s working sweatshop hours right now to gear up for the holiday season, and if there is anyone on your Christmas list that needs a monster in their stocking i highly recommend checking her out.

On the subject of leaving the company, and against my usual tendency to discuss the “j word” online, news from the job front has been consuming my life the last few days and i need to spill at least a little of it to prevent a meltdown. I received a really great offer from a small software firm in Belltown yesterday. They’ve agreed to give me everything i’ve asked for benefits- and compensation-wise and it seems like a great opportunity, exactly the direction i’d like to take my career. In the midst of all that, an internal group wants me, too, with a similar offer and position, and i’m putting myself through gut-wrenching agony as i try to make up my mind. Literally. I mean i had thai for lunch with Brian and Joseph and now my guts are wrenching away on some spicy noodles, 12 oz of pepto and i think a little bit of the foil seal from the pepto bottle, it was kind of dancing around in there and i think i may have swallowed some of it.

So much has changed since the days in 2001 when i interviewed 200 times for nary an offer of employment, and now i’m for sale to the highest bidder? I feel like such a whore. But a well-paid whore i will be, indeed, no matter what i decide.