Lazy sunday

Okay, so it’s sunday morning… well, that’s not entirely true. It’s sunday afternoon. I’ve just only been up for a couple hours, so it still feels like morning. 😉 Don’t get all thinkin that i’m lazy now – i stayed up late last nite posting photos of yesterday’s bbq and watching bad movies with Josh. (Btw, never rent ‘Pluto Nash’, it’s terrible. I don’t know what we’re going to do with it for 4 more days…) And i ran a couple miles on the beach this morning before breakfast… so there! Anyway, Danielle and Miguel are both home safely now in their respective montana towns. It was a great week with them here, and i really hope Danielle can make it out here more often (like on, oh, a permanent basis! hint hint!). I’ll get pictures of their adventures up soon. So many pics to edit this week!

Perish the though i get any rest – Annie D should be in town any day now for her spring break, another week of fun with an out-of-town friend! And a quick shout-out to Christian (my most out-of-town friend 😉 – i noticed you reading the site this morning. So why didn’t you call me, you slacker? My learn-German-in-10-minutes-a-day book shipped from Amazon on friday! Only 6 more months…

Gotta jet now tho, gonna meet Steph in madison park for some lunch and a walk around the neighborhood, cause it’s a beautiful spring day in Seattle!