In an effort to waste less of everyone’s time and bandwidth, i’m trying to more closely monitor the spam rolling thru’s mail server. For those of you with hosted accounts here, check out for more info about what gets filtered, etc. If there’s a legitimate domain on that list, let me know, so i can keep your real messages from getting blocked. You’re also welcome to send me a list of “from” addresses that have been spamming you, and i’ll add them. Please don’t simply forward all of your spam to me for analysis, though… i may have to hurt you. 😉

In an effort to waste more of your time and bandwidth, the crazy people at Pac Manhattan are staging live PacMan games in the streets of NYC, using people dressed up as the arcade game characters. So if you’re in Manhattan near Washington Square Park and see a guy in a round yellow suit running from another guy in a square red suit… do the yellow guy a favor and trip the red one. 😉