Big plans for saturday? Yeah, me too.

Just trying to keep myself entertained here… if i accidentally waste some of your time, too, well, bonus for you! Yes, it’s another exciting saturday at work; 12 hours of talking to myself, clicking reload on Gmail and my RSS feeds, and otherwise suffering from social withdrawal. The busy days go by pretty quickly, but busy saturdays are really not that frequent, and since i do this every week i’m at least getting better at finding things to amuse myself.

Sometimes the best way to deal with something is to look at it in a different way. It gets very claustrophobic in here sometimes, in a room saturated with white noise and lacking even reflected sunlight, much less a live window to the rest of the world. As i can’t really leave the building, either, it becomes quite a steel-and-carpet prison. Today i decided to explore my cage and focus not on the walls and key-card doors that hold me in, but on the vantage those 5 floors of cinderblocks provide me over the byways below. As such, i’ve composed a small photo gallery of a sunny saturday afternoon as seen out the (apparently infrequently cleaned) windows of my office building, at least from the vantage points i could negotiate via conference rooms, hallways, and the like. [Edit: Additional photos added to this gallery on later dates, as well.]

I am not always in the mood to approach things so poetically. Sometimes it’s nice just to throw money at your problems and see if that makes them go away. Enter, the GBA. ‘Member, we talked about this last week? Well, ebay is both my deliverance and my defeat… one impulse buy and 7 days later, and i’m holding a blue Game Boy Advanced SP. Used, of course – my powers of rationalization have their limits. My first impressions are that it’s awesome, and that it’s teeny-tiny and so very portable. It’s going to fit right in with the other toys that find themselves crammed in my pockets. A small selection of used games will keep me happy for awhile (notice my classy game case there, too?) and so far it has eased the passing of time quite remarkably today, and will – i predict – earn a permanent spot on my top-ten-things-to-pack for trips of pretty much any length, be they cross-continent or simply to ghetto Albertsons for cookies.

As is nearly always the case, the camera-to-computer data offload produced a few images i’d forgotten about, so here’s a bonus shot from monday the 14th of snow falling out my front door. I was all excited, hoping it marked the beginning of a major weather pattern change. Perhaps it was a Valentines Day present from mother nature? Alas, it was a cruel tease; it melted faster than Micheal Jackson’s nose in a tanning booth. Any affections i may have held for mother nature are completely withdrawn; we are so totally on a break.

Fun that comes in ounces… but not in inches.

Didn’t think i had anything interesting to say today… i got all logged in and typed nothing for a couple hours, then gave up. I mean, i guess i could have lamented how completely lame our weather has been, granting us absolutely zero snow and keeping the Summit closed with a whopping 12″ of base. Suck. Yeah, i guess i could have talked about that. But’s it’s just all too depressing.

But then, i found something to get me all excited… a way to rationalize buying a Gameboy. No, not one of the new DS (dual screen) models – not that i’d reject it if the UPS driver left it on my door – but one of the older, more affordable GBA‘s. See, i can be realistic…

I mean, it’s not like there aren’t already hundreds of reasons to get a GBA – 1000 actually – but i just found a new and semi-useful one. TurboXs has a kit – cartridge, special cable, velcro(?) – that turns a GBA into an auto tuning tool and multi-gage. How totally cool. It’s called the TXS DTEC and they’re creating plugins for fuel management as well as every engine gauge you can think of. And when i’m not tweaking with the car, it doesn’t affect the GBA’s potential for entertainment, either – it will still work just like normal so i can pretend it’s winter playing SSX Tricky or SSX 3, or simply take out my frustration at our disheartening weather by stealing some cars and blowing them up. Now if only that tax return would hurry up and get here, so i could start looking for Gameboys on ebay…