Okay, i’m going thru withdrawals here. I need something shiny, flash, beepy… with buttons and/or a screen… i need a new toy. My old toys just aren’t fun anymore! 🙁

I’m not saying my old toys aren’t any good. Although some of them are showing signs of wear. A year and half later, my iPod is down to 5 hours of play instead of eight. But that’s nothing serious… what’s serious is that i haven’t been able to put any new music on it or take the bad stuff off for like 9 months! So those same stupid tracks keep popping up when they’re not wanted. Argh! I really don’t have the $$ to buy a new one, and a shuffle just isn’t the same. :p

And then there’s the phone. I still really like my Nokia 7210… but man i wish it had bluetooth! Cause i have this nifty bluetooth headset, and bluetooth for the Powerbook… and the phone is soo out of the loop. Plus i somehow cracked the faceplate while i was home in MT… apparently the environmental extremes of my jeans pocket were too much for the high-quality plastic. Now i could just buy a new faceplate on ebay for 25 bucks (which would include a new keypad, too, to replace mine with the dangling 1-key)… but that’s no fun. I just want a new phone… something shiny and cool like a 6230. (Cause i don’t think i’m cool enough for a 7610. Sigh. How am i supposed to feel socially confident with a wireless clunker?

And speaking of clunkers… ooh, don’t get me started! The Z is doing this weird thing now where every time the driver seat shifts, the sub cuts in an out. Since the driver seat is missing a bolt (don’t ask) every curve, brake, bump and (especially in this car) hit to the gas makes the sub go “thub… thub thub” as it turns on and off. Sooo annoying.

Now i’m not so desperate for a cool new battery-sucking toy that i’ll take anything. I certainly have no use for a nail polishing kit powered by USB, or any of the weirdness that such a juxtaposition of tasks implies. I also have almost no desire for a hello kitty cellphone. But i don’t think the Koreans are completely crazy to build wireless phones that monitor your blood sugar, body fat, or who knows what all else via some undisclosed cyborg link. How cool would that be?

Well, enough linking you to weird electronic stuff. Screensavers is on, and according to Sage the lovely Morgan Webb has new photos up since yesterday (probably of Adam doing stupid things, but i still have to check… can’t dis on my dream girl). So I’m gonna go do that… and maybe do an ebay search for “3G ipod for parts.”