When you can’t even trust your bathroom fixtures

Soon you won’t even be able to trust your wall mirror to be honest with you, as it provides flattering lies every morning like this prototype at Ikea.  Sure, it will feel nice to be told “Have you been working out?” every morning – a nice change from what I usually think when I pass the mirror, toothbrush in hand – but how long until the product placements?  As usual, Futurama predicts our fate, and like Fry we will always look better in the store mirror than in real life:


Ikea Gets Dove-Like With a Mirror That Tells You How Beautiful You Are | Adweek.


Cartoons and photo uploads

Spent all evening watching Futurama – man that show is funny! – and posting new pics for ya. So check out my family visiting for my birthday, Steph and i snooping around the Montlake neighborhood, and a lake cruise that Kim arranged for us. On the maxima site, there’s some pics from Ian’s tranny swap and my nifty BitCharg 1/64 scale RC Fairlady in various stages of modding. A lot of new stuff to look at… so go nuts!