Having a cameraphone means i can finally capture those ridiculous moments that i’m always trying to explain to people later and *prove* they actually happen as i describe, so people can hopefully begin to understand that i’m not crazy, i’m just tuned to a crazy frequency that allows me to notice and appreciate the crazy things that happen all around us, every day.

Today’s very shaky video clip (i was trying to drive at the time, apologies if it gives you nausea) of loose tires bouncing around the freeway is just such a moment. A couple dozen loose rubber donuts bouncing and rolling amidst morning rush hour traffic, on I-5 southbound approximately east of Safeco Field. As if controlled by an intelligent force, or perhaps motivated by their own desires (what do tires want, anyway?) they rolled between the lanes, bounced casually in front of moving vehicles, or lay sullenly on their sides, holding up commuters’ progress. I wish i could have captured the most hilarious moment, as i passed a Lexus creeping along at 25 in the right lane only to find that its minimal speed was due to the tire it was following, loping along at a leisurely roll, smack-center in the right lane. The Lexus driver looked amusingly confused, and seemed intent on following the tire until it took an exit or changed lanes. It was truly classic.

I took the 6th Ave exit, intending to weave my way towards my office, and was pleasantly surprised to find I’d caught up with the culprit: a Les Schwab Tire truck sporting a loosely-flapping back door. The driver was just climbing down to go check his load; sucks to be you today, dude!

tire truck with rear door open