Exploring Belltown

Foursquare quietly added a Lists feature to the service last week, just in time for me to start exploring my new neighborhood in earnest. The last couple weeks of walking to work, as well as trying to find cheap/fun dinner and drinks options, has had me keeping mental track of places I wanted to try, and hoping I’d find a tool to keep me from forgetting the good ones. Foursquare to the rescue, it seems.

I scraped the barrel a little and stretched the boundaries of what’s considered Belltown just a bit to come up with a nice even 100, as one of the Foursquare features is a “number of items completed” progress bar – I’m starting the project with 18 venues under my belt already, so 18% complete. It will probably take a year and some of them will likely close or change ownership before I get to them, but that’s the beauty of electronic lists – they can be changed. 🙂

Fellow Seattleites can tackle the list yourself and track your own progress on the “Explore Belltown” achievement. 100 Places to Eat & Drink in Belltown