At least my crazy is predictable

Okay, so here’s a random anecdote detailing just how messed up in the head i’ve become. I think i’m getting senile in my 20’s.

I made chili last week, and had leftovers for a second meal. I went to eat those leftovers over the weekend. Now before you think that, no, this is not a gross-leftovers story. So anyway, i heat up my leftover chili – which was quite good after a few days in the fridge, btw, all the seasoning had soaked in – and am dismayed to find i have no oyster crackers. Chili just isn’t the same without oyster crackers. What especially disturbed me was that i was so completely sure i had bought oyster crackers specifically for that purpose when i made the chili in the first place. I pretty much drove myself crazy pacing around the house looking for that bag of crackers that i was sure existed somewhere. After finally giving up and using goldfish crackers instead (not bad, btw, but not the same) i vowed to score some proper crackers for the next soup-ish cooking adventure.

Fast forward to today, i’m on my way home from work, something hot and filling sounds really good on this drizzly, runny-nose day. “I can make chili again, and not have to lift a finger the rest of the week beyond hitting ‘sensor reheat’ on the microwave!” Genius! “And this time, i’ll buy those crackers!” Store, home, cooking, eating, chili + crackers = complete meal, full happy stomach. Let’s put the rest of this bag of crackers somewhere so i can find them the next time. “I know! That metal canister that had candy in it is just the right size, and it’s empty.” Scour the house looking for the canister. I know it’s around and not being used for anything, so i refuse to settle for any other container. Oyster crackers are this metal can’s destiny!

Here comes the punch line… I find the container. In the cupboard with the food, not in the pantry area where i would have expected it. And why is it there? Can you guess? Oh, yeah. It’s full of oyster crackers. !!!

At least i know my brain is working in a pattern, or at least i’m enough of an engineer that i come to the same logical conclusion given the same input over multiple iterations. Regardless, it still makes me crazy, and just crazy enough that i can’t quite laugh but instead just have to sigh and think…. “sigh.”

Turns out soup tastes awful through a straw – who knew?

Just sitting here enjoying the view of I-90 and the fall foilage in south bellevue from my 4th floor office, while sipping water thru a straw, a process made possible by pinching my lips around the straw with my fingers. Yes, that’s right, i went to the dentist this morning. And now i’ve got a rubber face and a tendency to drool down my right cheek. Could i be more sexy?

It’s odd the things that cross your mind – and even stranger the parts of that you remember – when you’re doped up on nitrous oxide, lying flat on your back. I had so many interesting things i wanted to jot down while i was drifting in and out of dreamland this morning, so many remarkably profound thoughts and grand new epiphanies. Sadly, all i truly remember now that i’ve crossed back thru the mirror and left wonderland, is just that; i thought of some neat things and wished i could write them down. Don’t know what they were, just know i wanted to remember them. Kind of like tying a string around your finger so you won’t forget something, and then forgetting what the string was supposed to remind you of. I’ve actually done that – not with a string, per-se. But i’ve set something out for myself, usually in a half-awake stupor: “i’ll leave this pen on top of the alarm clock, so i remember to turn the oven off.” And then the next morning, i’m like “why is there a pen balanced so oddly on my alarm clock? Oh! I was supposed to remember to do something. What was is supposed to do? Huh. Oh, well.” Or something like that. Anyway, i guess you’re just going to have to do without my mush-faced musings today, as i can’t seem to remember anything provocative or witty or even an amusing anecdote. And why is there a pen balanced so oddly on my computer keyboard???

In other news, the Max is finally in the shop today (after several annoying delays), and i have my dark green maxima loaner. I should have my car back by thursday, friday at the latest, with a shiny new rear bumper. So no more parallel parking downtown… and i’m still not officially an employee at the bellevue club, but i hear thru the grapevine that they’re figuring they’re staffing out and will hopefully get back to me this week. In the meantime, i’m having ramen for lunch. What do you think – beef flavor today? That should be nice thru a straw…