Independence Day – July 2009

In celebration of a Declaration written on parchment 233 years ago, Americans lit millions of dollars worth of gunpowder-packed paper Saturday night and launched it into the sky. I spent that day on Seattle’s various lakes, wakeboarding with Sean, Julia and Austin on Lake Sammamish in the morning, and then jumping aboard S&J’s boat again – along with Andy and Hailey – for a cruise across Lake Washington, dinner on Lake Union and an amazing fireworks show (thank you Chase bank – welcome to Washington, indeed). It was an excellent day, a textbook-perfect summer saturday that could have lasted forever.

Click here for my photos of the evening:

Friends and fireworks

My, how plans can change at the last minute! In reference to yesterday’s post:

  • We didn’t go on the boat after work. Kim was kept at work late cause she was getting a promotion – congratulations Kimmy! – and that left us with not enough time to get the boat out of dry dock before their 8pm cut off time. We’re headed out on saturday evening, tho, and we caught the new Charlie’s Angles movie downtown with Danielle, Gabe and Sara last nite, which is still super fun.
  • I’m not on my way to oregon today – it was all starting to feel too crazy-hectic at the last minute, and i’ve had too long of a week and wasn’t feeling mentally stable enough to roll with so many punches, so i declined. Clint says he he’s not my friend anymore now, but i’m hoping he’ll change his mind when i buy a Z.
  • Patrick is not on his way to Cali today, as he had too much fun last nite out with his friends and isn’t ready to go today. Not sure what his schedule will be now, not sure if his parents still want him to go. It would be a shame if he missed out on an opportunity to be a valet at Lexus of Ervine all summer… 😉

It is still independence day today – that hasn’t changed – so i’ll try to find some cool fireworks or something, or a bbq, or maybe i’ll just lay on the couch and play Vice City all day and eat oreos… Actually, that last one sounds pretty good.

Diving headlong into Christmas bustle

Let’s see, what’s going on this week. I leave for Chicago this Saturday, so I’m trying to get Christmas all squared away before I leave – buying presents and such. I finished writing Christmas cards and will hopefully get those mailed, so watch your mailboxes. Those of you who are slackers and fail to keep me updated on your mailing address won’t be getting any holiday mail…

We had a big phatty windstorm this weekend, leaving pieces of trees all over the place. Our front windows looked like they were going to blast right out onto the floor (but they didn’t). Josh and I opted to stay in the house for about 50 hours straight, playing video games, watching cartoons and cruising the internet, rather than venture into the tempest. (Can a windstorm be a tempest, or is that just the sea? Anyway.) If any of you are going to be around New Year’s Eve, we’re planning some sort of holiday bash (details TBD). Apparently there are fireworks all over Lake Washington that night and we’re the ones with the best view of the lake, so come join us if you can. We’ll save you a hot toddy.