Had a great pizza with Josh tonite at Stellar Pizza in Georgetown. Funky joint, good pizza, our waitress was a kick. Spent the workday driving over to Silverdale (really freakin far) and waiting for the ferry to get back. I actually spent quite a while in Bremerton waiting for my boat, but i’d rather wait for the first one than miss it and take the second, so no worries. Whipped out the tools and worked on my car a bit while i waited, as i wound up parked under a bridge where the rain couldn’t get me. Pretty annoying that waiting in line at the ferry is actually a better garage than my own house. I need a place with a garage… if the landlord doesn’t come thru on that one soon, i’m going to start looking for a new place. Ugh.

I take off for Missoula (literally – i’m flying, big thanx to Uncle Tim for the ticket and Mom & Dad for paying for it!) friday morning for a nice long weekend away from everything. Don’t come back until tuesday. I really need this break, and it’s been so long since i’ve seen Dad and been home with the folks! Very much looking forward to that. As an added bonus, i’ll miss next week’s staff meeting at work, and only have a three-day work week. Downright tolerable.

Spent these last couple hours chatting with Ja’Neille on IM, staying up later than i should after a very busy day. She’s so freakin funny, we always have a good time trying to type faster than each other. She doesn’t like the pic i posted of her cause it’s old, but it think it’s just super cute, all blurry like a hallmark memory… plus she’s holding a Nissan taillight! As Alanis Morissette would say, “Hoooooooow appropriate.” Apparently the NWN guys won’t let her join their “boys-only” drifting club, cause they’re in 3rd grade and the tree fort’s not big enough, or something. So we’re going to start our own, where all of the members are really hott! If you think you might qualify, send your timeslips, modlist and headshots to: Sexy Drifters, Seattle WA.