Ran across the street for lunch and returned with honey walnut prawns from New Star Chinese . As Yoda would say, “mmm… very tasty, they are… yes.” Didn’t manage to get out to QFC last nite for work food, so i treated myself to lunch out. Christi at the front desk says that sounds kind of backwards – indulging as a reward for laziness. I told her it’s negative reverse-psychology. Very cutting edge stuff, all the lastest publications are talking about it…

Danielle and i are glad to be back in the city (we both missed our laptops) although the week with Mom and Dad was excellent, as always. Mom spoiled us to no end, and Dad is recuperating extremely well and continues to impress us all. His 7-hour brain surgery was a complete success, all of the tumor is gone, and the doctor’s exact words were “it couldn’t have gone any better than it did.” He’s experienced only mild aches and pains so far, and was out of the hospital two days ahead of schedule. He’s been really positive about the whole thing, and i’m very proud of him for both his attitude and fortitude through the whole experience. It was a journey in faith and patience for all of us, but especially for him, and he continues to set an example for me as the man i’d like to grow up to be.

Huge thanks to all the family and friends who were so supportive – the calls, emails, cards, flowers, and balloons… the spare bedrooms… the plane tickets… the hospital visits… the prayer vigils… the 27 people who joined us in the surgery waiting room on thursday. All your prayers, all your caring paid off, and Dad is healing quickly with the worst behind him. Quite a statement of the power of prayer and family, and i feel priviledged to have been such immediate witness to it all.

If the weathermen know anything (i’m just going to leave that one alone) there may be snow in Seattle yet this week. I wouldn’t mind a little, as i’m hoping to try out that season pass as early as next week. At the same time, i wouldn’t be bothered if nothing exciting happened for a little while… after the last couple months, a nice unremarkable routine holds a certain appeal.