Typing quietly on the front porch.

Sitting on the front porch editing some photos from the weekend, enjoying the sunshine and my day off. Vince is still crashed out on the sofa – he came down from Van for a Nissan meet yesterday and Patrick and i kept him up late eating bottemless riblets and playing billards. I don’t know how he’s still sleeping, it’s far from quiet around here. Between Christian and i creaking around the house this morning (this house is *so* noisy), the neighbors pounding and sawing and sanding something in their front yard, garbage trucks rolling by more often than should be neccessary, and my infernal typing in the room next door, well… he must be a really sound sleeper. So i’ve moved out to the front porch (wireless internet is so neato).

We actually had two Nissan meetups yesterday, one down in southcenter (that i have pics from here) arranged by the Maxima guys, and then later in the evening we rolled to lynnwood to cross paths with the 240sx-heavy crew from NWN. I didn’t get to wash my car beforehand, as i spent the morning changing the oil and checking out the Sentra for Justin – he’s going to pick it up today. Actually, i’m going to head up to Stanwood to put tires on the truck at the shop where he works, and then bring him home with me to pick up the car. Anyway, both meets were good, pretty laid back, but it’s nearing the end of the season. It was also an unexpected sunny day after a couple weeks of dreary ones, so i don’t think anyone expected it would be a nice enough day to come out for a meet.

Jason stopped by yesterday to pick up a key, drop off a few things, and then is headed to an outdoor concert festival in nevada for the rest of the week. He will get back monday, Christian flies to Munich on sunday, Mom and Dad get here for a week sunday… the b&b is booked solid this month! 😉 I’m going to miss having Chrisitan around – he wasn’t here very long, and i’ve been working so much that i haven’t really seen him during these four short months other than in passing. I’m pretty bummed that i went to so much work to help him move here and then didn’t really get any quality time with him, and now it’s too late. And he’ll be a hemisphere away again for who knows how long. At least i have someone to stay with in europe again – but it’s going to be awhile, as i still haven’t paid for the last trip…

On a family note, everyone’s thoughts and prayers are with my Grama Polly today as she heads to the hospital for examination, to determine if she needs another heart surgery. I hope her news is good today.

Site redesign

New and improved look to the site! My redesign is finally live! I was going to wait until i had all the graphics work done before i switched over, but i was just getting too impatient… so watch for nifty images to pop up over the next few weeks. Mostly, i wanted the new organizational system to support all the europe photos that will be coming down the pipe. Whatever my motivation and despite my meandering disclaimers, it’s up! Check it out, lemme know what you think. 🙂

Back from Europe

Home in my flannel pants and a big, fuzzy blue shirt, deleting spam and drinking cocoa. I arrived last night after a *very* long day of flying which i’ll recap later as part of the “european adventure story” – suffice to say i’m glad to be home. This is not to detract from my desire to never come home, mind you, as i completely adored both Germany and Italy, and would happily have settled in either place had someone just sent along my things and put the Z in a crate headed eastward. But once i had resigned myself to the reality that i *had* to leave, that my tickets were booked, my bills waiting, my vacation just that – a vacation, a finite thing, doomed to finality by its very nature – there was nothing left to do but be excited to return to Seattle. I must admit that, although the city did not hold the same glittering thrill of mystery and adventure as the plane circled overhead that i felt – and you will no doubt hear about for quite some time – that first night in Florence or that last day in Munich, i found a comforting pleasure in identifying familiar landmarks from the air, in navigating the airport automatically without troubling to read the signs, in passing under downtown on the freeway as i have done so many nights on my way home, and especially in getting behind the wheel of my car and feeling like myself again. As much as i would have enjoyed staying with Christian forever – although i think we would have needed a larger room to make that possible 😉 – my life here welcomes me home, and i’m assured that there are still many more memories to make in Seattle and a great deal more to learn before i’m ready to expand my geographic horizons on a permanent basis. Without doubt, i have a new perspective on things, not just from new, european lifestyle habits but also a much-needed butt-kick to appreciate where i’m at, enjoy life, worry less and [ party / travel / socialize / focus / dream / achieve / live ] more.

I’m so excited to share all the cool things i experienced with you all, but i fear one giant blog entry would dwarf your attention spans, so i’ll cut it up a bit and tell the story in pieces. According to iphoto, i have 1867 photos to process, a small but nevertheless daunting subset of which will be posted for your vicarious-living pleasure. Let me wade thru that, and post at least a few, and then we’ll get to the story part. In the meantime, go read the wireless blog which i was thankfully able to update while traveling for the day-to-day rundown of the trip. You might have to scroll down a bit… 😉 Also, no fair holding me to proper spelling in there – you try spelling “christkindlmarkt” without the aid of deutsch T9 while you’re walking through the Marianplatz on a saturday in december holding a steaming cup of gluhwein in the other hand and we’ll talk… 😉

Last post from the big screen

It’s almost 5am, Steph’s in the shower and i’m pacing around her house. I slept on the couch so i wouldn’t have to get up as early… but i’m up anyway. 😉 This will probably be my last actual blog entry unless i unexpectedly get some computer time during my trip – or unless i get bored at the airport and pay for some – but watch the wireless blog for quick posts and what i’m up to. i’ll try not to brag too much if i’m doing something really cool… although if it’s that cool i’m probably going to be too busy to whip out the phone and tell you right that minute anyway… Regardless, check it out. And take care all of you, we’ll have much to talk about when i return in 3 weeks! Bon voyage and abschied!

Pre-Europe loose ends

I’m sorry, i’ve been totally leaving you hanging! Augh! It’s been a busy week, so many things going on! Danielle stayed with me for a week or so, and Miguel came down to visit her for a few days. She headed off to MT monday and is home helping Mom and Dad move into their new house, enjoying the snow and a house full of boxes. I’ve been busy this week getting some maintenance work done on the Z – oil, belts (thanx Travis!), cleaning and stuff. It wouldn’t really feel like mine unless i’d torn it apart a bit. 😉 And then, big busy-factor is getting ready for my vacation next week! Lots of packing to do, and i probably should crack that German phrases dictionary sometime before tuesday. 😉 I’ll try to keep you updated between now and then, but i’ll probably be offline for a few weeks. But send me a text message, and i’ll tell you what i’m up to! 😀 And be sure to check out my live wireless blog while i’m gone – i’m gonna post for you one way or another! 😉