Well, i guess that all depends, doesn’t it? On what you’ve hugged… and what you consider art. I like to think my definition of art is pretty broad, including things that you can hear, touch, see, smell and even taste. But since we’re on the internet here, you’re not going to be smelling any art today, unless you’re already holding a particularly fragrant cup of coffee or your office is also in Pioneer Square (i didn’t say it was *good* smelling art). Same goes for tasting any art over the internet… although that may not be too far away. And let me tell you, when they perfect tiramisu-flavored paper and chocolate ink… well, i might just have to invest in a printer. But no, today you’re just gonna see some art. Yes, i totally skipped hearing in there… but i try not to browse noisy sites at work, so i’m not going to inflict any on you.

Let’s start with something classic, something timeless… like MC Escher. You all had the poster in your room… or was i the only mathelete? Hmm… well, they were in your geometry book regardless, usually in black and white. I think they look pretty good spiced up in color, especially in one of my all-time-favorite artistic mediums, legos. This isn’t just a fluke – this dedicated Lipson gentlement has reproduced several works in cheery yellow-faced legoland. Quite the treat for the eye… and the mind! Also, makes me want to go browse the diminutive bricks aisle at Target; legos have gotten so cool!

Legos aren’t the only toys from my childhood that i’d happily regress to playing with if i could only find a way to make money doing it. Remember Transformers? Sigh… wish i had kept them. I had the original Optimus Prime, man! Anyway, i think they’re neato… but this wacko artistic guy built himself transformable wearable halloween costumes to mimic his favorite interchangeable plastic car-men. Next time you’re going to make fun of me for my binary digits clock… just think about all the things i *don’t* do with my free time… yeah.

Lest you think i’m engrossed only by math and plastic toys, let’s delve into some cute, fuzzy art over at the Infinite Cat Project. The idea here is a random one; this guy had a picture of his cat on his computer, right? And he caught his cat looking at said picture on the monitor, and took a picture of the curious furball. So it’s a picture of his cat, looking at a computer featuring a picture of a cat. And then he gets all crazy and artistic and starts building a recursive tunnel of cats looking at this picture… just go look at it, rather than wait for me to explain it.

And then there’s some art that just makes you sick. Not cause it’s bad or anything… just cause that’s what it does. The internet is full of this sort of thing – i’m not sure if it’s the digital medium or the mentality of the online masses that makes it so pervasive, but nausea-art seems to definitely have taken a rise thanks to the good ‘ol www. Okay, i’m warning you… plant both feet firmly, sit straight in your chair, and set down the gin and tonic for just a moment. If you’re already shaky on your drug of choice today… you might want to save this one for later. Okay… click.

Well, i need some fresh air after that. Oh, i almost forgot, we still haven’t discussed some art that you can touch. Feel free to rest your head against the monitor as you click on that last one again… or just thump your head on the glass. Your choice. 🙂