Seattle’s nightlife in jeopardy

Since when is it june already? Seriously… i’ve been typing the date wrong for a week… although that could just be sleep deprivation. Stayed up until almost 2 with Patrick last nite, doing some custom cosmetic engine projects and setting up our first public sale as a company (for Tein S-Tech springs). It’s a pretty good price – if i had the money i’d buy them from us! 😉 Getting up for work was a bit difficult this am, but i’m proud to say i was actually on time… and arrived to an empty office, as no one else in the department showed up until at least 9. Oh, well, at least i won’t feel as guilty about leaving early tonight to make happy hour. 😉 It is “first thursday” and all, only happens once a month! (Monthly gallery openings in Pioneer Square, free art museum admission, open studios – basically an artist block party downtown). So if you get off work on time, come find us at McCormick & Schmick’s enjoying $2 half-pound cheeseburgers and happy hour drink specials, and then go a-wandering with us through the gallery district. Should be a good time… and cheap, too!

So like it wasn’t going to be obvious, i’m really tired today. If you could see me typing this, you’d see how many mistakes i’m making and how glazed over my eyes are… I’m listening to disco and sucking down the bad bad bad (but free) coffee from the break room in an effort to stay awake until lunch, when i plan to find a sunny park bench to take a nap on. It’s only 9.22, but so far… i’m stayin’ alive

On a really sucky note, one of my favorite Seattle spots is closing its doors, thanks to the evil that is the eastside. Redmond-based Trendwest Resorts has purchased the Camlin hotel, and is closing the Cloud Room, one of the coolest bars in the city and the only remaining place for us regular people to enjoy the view for only the cost of a drink. Unlike most of downtown, where the great views are occupied by high-priced offices, or members-only clubs (ahem. Columbia Tower), or $11-per-ride tourist hangouts that close at 10pm (ahem. Space Needle) the Cloud Room was open late, open to the public, and filled with music, laughing, whispering in corners and distilled merriment every night of the week. As Trendwest is going to tear the top off the building and remake it as several luxury condos, i now have a reason to resent and boycott them, as well as one less place to enjoy the city from. Progess sucks! Eastside yuppies suck even more!

I bit the head off a live bat the other night…

So it’s friday, but i’m not sure if that’s It’s finally friday! or It’s already friday!. Didn’t get a lot of those chores and household tasks done that i meant to (no surprise there) but am definitely looking forward to the weekend. Kim made a pot of coffee this morning and then i left and forgot to take a cup with me. Should have done it, cause it’s 11.30 and i’m ready for a nap. 😉 I guess staying up late watching Will & Grace reruns and Elimidate while surfing the internet probably wasn’t the best move… but it is friday, no one expects me to be on the ball today anyway…

Going out to lunch with DJ today, next friday is his last day working here. Then he’s off to Hyde Park, NY for culinary school. Guess i’ll have to find someone else at work who will appreciate my engine dress-up and who is interested in tuning mini RC cars… On the plus side, maybe i can go visit NYC and stay with him, and we can roll up to Jersey, take my car to Level10 for a valve body upgrade!

I noticed that the WA dept of licensing charged $25 to my paypal card, which must mean they’ve processed our application for a business license. So Patrick and i are now legit, just waiting on our irs tax id number. That means i’ve gotta build us a website and a bunch of other stuff, so i’ve got weekend work to do. That, and we’re doing the first part of Ian’s transmission swap saturday, installing the clutch and brake pedals and the clutch master cylinder. Then a couple saturdays from now we’ll drop his auto tranny out and replace it with the 5 spd. Should be an interesting project, definitely messy. Added some more stuff to my Maxima wishlist today (brake upgrade) after a bus cut me off on the freeway. Stupid bus. This is really a random post. Kind of stream-of-consciousness writing. Maybe that’s because i’m kind of half-awake. So far i haven’t started talking like Ozzy… but the day is still young.