I know i’m overdue for a big, fat New York recap, but i really just don’t have the energy today, and it will be better with pictures anyway. Although it is nice to be home and i slept very well these last two nights in my own bed, the break from everyday life afforded by my east coast visit was entirely appreciated and altogether too short. My brief rest on the sandy shore is over, and i’m back in the raging rapids spending much less time enjoying the scenery in lieu of trying not to drown.

At work the week promises to be very busy, a combination of playing catch-up from time away and the general busyness of a swiftly approaching software release date. Despite that, i took the morning off today, to try and tie up half a dozen loose ends that refuse to be wrangled into submission. The bodyshop gave me a $2000 estimate for the damage to my car, and while thankfully not my money, it will still consume my time and worrying energy. Afterwards i drove up to Marysville to retake the emissions test that my Z failed two weeks ago, and in a truly migrain-inducing manner, it failed again. Travis thinks my AIV’s are clogged, Jason thinks i have MAF grounding issues. Ian is going to help me install an S-AFC on saturday and try to tweak with it. I think it’s time to park it, let the tabs expire and use it as a place to hang laundry, because – let’s face it – i can’t afford this car, and if i sell my workout equipment to pay for a gym membership (something i’m considering) i’m going to need a place to drape all those wet shirts that heretofore decorated my bowflex.

Distraught with that and trying feverishly to get home and switch cars in time to make it to the doctor, where she will likely tell me that while i can stop taking the nausea-inducing antibiotics, i’m still on anti-acids and the oatmeal diet for another 5 weeks, i was delayed further by one of the lovely washington state patrol officers who felt it necessary to give me a speeding ticket for going 75 in a 60 (apparently going faster than the 15 cars in front of me, somehow, in a violation of several laws of physics). That’s a lovely $125 and a point on an otherwise clean record that i really didn’t need today.

I still have two more appointments and several hours of work to get through today, and when i get home i must unpack and make some sense of my ramshackle living conditions. Plus there’s those photos to go through and post. And i think i will also need a few shots of something stiff and some quality time with Grand Theft Auto taking my revenge on some virtual cops. So if you call me tonight and i sound drunk, and there are gunshots and sirens in the background, there’s no need to panic: you’ve just caught me in the middle of a therapy session.