There’s still time to earn some moving karma

Well, moving day has finally arrived! I’m up early, cause i couldn’t sleep, and cause i had a weird dream that Ann Penner and i were neighbors and i was still unpacking and it made us both late for class. Weird because i’m not in school… Anyway, the gang will be here in 4 hours, and i have a few things to clear out before then, but i couldn’t start my day without a little internet time… and without talking to you all 😉

This is totally unrelated – just a warning. The record companies lost a lawsuit, and anyone who purchased a CD at a store between 1995 and 2000 is the winner. That’s probably you. They admitted to using price fixing and price inflation to make money illegally off of cd purchasers (again, that’s you) and the results of the court case are that you might get a check for up to $20. The official settlement page gives you a little more info, and an online claim form to add your name to the list of claimants and be included in any settlement payout. Rather than keep anything i get, i’m going to send it to these people, as they’re the ones we really owe for any small bit of rights we still have in this fight. “They” are the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and they’ve been taking on the RIAA and the MPAA for years, trying to keep our rights from being totally trampled. If we all send our $20 to the EFF, they can keep fighting our battles and (hopefully) win. Think about it, mkay?