This finanical crisis has gone too far

Okay, it’s officially The Great Depression of 2008. I’m calling it right now, based on breaking news I read only just now. Mother’s Cookies, the makers of Circus Animals, has abruptly closed its doors, forever. This is the beginning of the end, people! What kind of future are we creating for our children? Do we want them to grow up without Circus Animals? I’m not sure I want to grow up without Circus Animals?

The SF Chronicle broke the story and I’m telling you, i nearly cried when I realized it wasn’t a hoax… because I’m far away in Australia right now and what if they’re all gone by the time I get back? What if there’s a huge rush on them tonight and the shelves are tragically empty when I race directly from the airport into the nearest all-night grocery? I don’t want to spend my first hour back in the US weeping quietly in the cookie aisle of a Tukwila Safeway… won’t someone pick up a bag tonight for me? One last bag, for old time’s sake… for the way things used to be… back when money flowed out of wall street like Circus Animals flowed out of their pink and white bags… sniff.

Let there be fireworks or whatever

So, like, happy indepence day tomorrow, and everything. Personally, i’m thinking the guaranteed jobs and government-supplied health care that come with socialism are starting to look pretty good. It’s only wednesday. Although i am on parole tomorrow as required by federal law, i’m forced to return to solitary confinement friday morning for another full day of insurance evil. Although an optimistic person who has something to live for might look at tonight as a bonus mini-weekend, i find it more of a cruel joke that allows me to believe i’m gleefully unemployed for just long enough to begin accomodating the idea before it’s yanked away and wicked reality returns to taunt me. I suppose in that sense, it is a mini-weekend. At least i was able to make today somewhat productive; some cool updates to the site today while i was shackled to my desk. The front page randomly selects a quote from a MySQL database each time it loads, and i’ve got a neato little interface for adding new quotes, so hopefully the variety of platitudes will only increase as i continue. Are you totally impressed, or what?

Professional interviewer – inquire within

Well, another week almost over. Had an excellent weekend with Lance in town – did all sorts of random fun things. Caleb got us into Last Supper Club (an uber-trendy dance club, for you non-locals) friday nite, and we also caught a 3-d movie at the Pac. Sci. Center about the space station (super-neato), spent some time on the beach, met Skyla for coffee and then for drinks in her ‘hood Queen Anne, and various other random things to give Lance a taste of the city. Now it’s back to the grind, back to being depressed about my meaningless existence, and back to getting told “no” by prospective employers. As recently as yesterday, actually – guess i’m not going to be working at John L Scott any time soon. Never mind that i came into the interview on 24 hrs notice, that i ran all over their office for their little interview-scavenger-hunt game, that i studied for it and was more excited about and interested in the position than any of the other doldrum candidates that were there; i suppose all i deserved for my effort was two sentences of a tersely-worded email informing me that my “skills and qualifications” were not what they’re “looking for.” Thanks a bunch, appreciate your professionalism. BTW, Caleb, i don’t hold it against you – i appreciate the chance to try, results notwithstanding. Maybe one of these times i’ll actually get the job. Heh – now *that’s* funny.

29.4 miles to unwind

Anyone who wasn’t in West Seattle this weekend missed a beautiful two days of summer. Had a barbecue and pool party with a small assortment of friends sunday – the pool part was especially popular. It was sunny and hot, perfect poolside weather. Of course all the fun ended today at 6.30am, when the lyrics of Matchbox 20 rattling from the tinny, plastic speaker in my clock radio announced that it was time to stop forgetting i work here. Danielle’s first day at an espresso stand in Bellevue is tomorrow; it seems a lot more fun than the last place. I’m thinking about bagging groceries at Thriftway on weekends. I wonder if i’d get a discount on groceries? Only 23 minutes and 26 seconds until i can leave this place, unfortunately not for good. But at least as i drive past downtown this evening, past the skyscrapers and beaches and mountains, i can pretend that my career isn’t a joke, that college wasn’t a waste, that my checking account balance isn’t negative, that my student loan payment isn’t overdue, and that i’m not beginning to wonder why i ever thought i could do this on my own. Three cheers for the land of make-believe.

Brevity in bitterness

Happy tax day, all! Personally, mine have been done for like 4 months, but for those of you (slackers!) who are just thinking about it today (Shane, Irina), good luck! Had a lovely weekend with Erin, Katie and Lauren in town – hope it washes off, Erin! ;D Come back any time, you three.

So, i’m kind of considering moving to California. It seems like the job market is much better there. I’m considering getting my own apartment, among other reasons so that if i decide to relocate to SoCal it will be easier to move. Don’t get me wrong, i love Seattle, but in three more weeks it will have been a year since i graduated, and a year since i was working in my field. My student loan payments start this month (today, actually) and it really sucks to pay every month for a useless degree. That’s it for my news today.

Also, it rained today.

Is it so much to ask just to have a good day? I mean really, just one? Anyway, i lost a chance at another job today. The Quellos Group called me back today, after scheduling me yesterday for a second interview, to say, “oh, nevermind. we hired somebody today.” So much for that. Oh, well, who really wanted to work on the top floor of the nicest building downtown, for a good salary in a fast-growing company, doing database management? I mean, how lame would that have been? (sniff) On the upside, Christian found a job in the paper for me as a secretary downtown that pays more than i’m making now. Wait, are we sure that’s good news? Oh, and our landlord’s expressing his objections to Christian staying with us this long. Neat. And i get to carry the allstate pager next week and be their pawn 24-7. Fun. And i still don’t have a real job. Fantastic. I’d say, “what else could suck about this week?” but I don’t want the fates to hear me…